Celebrity Splash contestant replaced

Former world champion power lifter Derek Boyer replaces an entrant on Seven's injury-prone series.

2013-04-28_2330Former world champion power lifter Derek Boyer has been named as a late entrant in Seven’s Celebrity Splash series which begins tonight.

An unnamed cast member was forced to pull out of the show, presumably due to injury.

Seven won’t reveal which contestant until tonight’s show.

Laura Csortan, Demi Harman and Josh Thomas have all sustained injuries during rehearsals.

Contestants in the UK and US series have also been injured and in the Chinese version an assistant to a contestant drowned during a training session.

Boyer, 43, is also known for appearing on Gladiators as Thunder but says he is afraid of heights.

Source: News Limited

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  1. I just saw this show (actually, I recorded it and watched it in fast forward, thereby sparing myself two hours of mind-numbing imbecility).

    Man-o-man this show sucked bigtime. I predict it’s going to be a bellyflop of massive proportions. It’s going to make Everybody Dance Now look like it deserved an Oscar nomination.

  2. Methinks I’ve just seen enough and it seems to me it might not only be the celebs taking a dive, and gee wiz I wish someone had left the swiming timing clocks operational, as network 7 ran true to form again with (over)runs of their own promos of the ‘ Revenge’ starting time.

  3. If they changed the name of this show to Celebrity Hemmorhage, and just showed celebrities being injured, they would get a lot more viewers. Admit it, the only reason anyone will watch this show is to see carnage.

    I heard a rumour that some of the injuries occurred when Josh Thomas disrobed, and the other contestants suffered snow blindness when their eyes set upon Josh’s pale skin.

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