Nine wins its first ratings week of the year

2013-04-14_2205Nine has won its first ratings week for 2013, thanks to The Voice.

After 6 losses to the Seven Network, Nine has pulled off a win with the return of its Reality juggernaut, aided by the Logies, News and A Current Affair.

But Seven stopped Nine from complete domination, narrowing the win to less than a 1% lead.

Nine: 32.4%
Seven: 31.5%
ABC: 16.1%
TEN: 15.2%
SBS: 4.8%

Primary channel:
Nine: 25.9%
Seven: 23.7%
ABC1: 12.2%
TEN: 10.4%
SBS ONE: 4.0%

7TWO: 4.0%
GO!: 4.0%
7mate: 3.8%
ELEVEN: 2.5%
GEM: 2.5%
ABC2: 2.4%
ONE: 2.3%
ABC News 24: 0.9%
ABC3: 0.6%
SBS 2: 0.6%
NITV: 0.1%

Nine dominated the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Nine won from Sunday to Wednesday with Seven winning Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday, Friday and Saturday while both tied for Wednesday and Thursday.

Nine was victorious in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but Seven still won Adelaide 34.5% to Nine’s 27.8%. In Perth Seven smashed Nine 38.4% to 23.8%. If the WIN TV affiliate can’t win with The Voice blind auditions and the Logies, it arguably never will.

The Voice was the week’s #1 show reaching 2.08m viewers on Tuesday. Nine’s other performers were Nine News (Sun: 1.39m, weeknights: 1.25m), Logies (Arrivals: 1.22m / Awards: 977,000 adjusted), ACA (1.13m), House Husbands (1.13m) and The Following (Tues: 1.05m).

Seven News (Sun: 1.67m, weeknights: 1.18m), was best for Seven then My Kitchen Rules (highest: 1.59m), Packed to the Rafters (1.56m), Downton Abbey (1.11m), Mrs. Brown’s Boys (1.04m / 918,000), Today Tonight (976,000) and Revenge (969,000).

ABC News (Sat: 866,000 , weeknights: 861,000) led for ABC1 then Inspector George Gently (780,000), The Checkout (749,000), Silent Witness (749,000), Media Watch (729,000), Doctor Who (727,000) and Four Corners (718,000).

The Biggest Loser on Sunday was TEN’s best performer with 850,000 followed by Elementary (708,000), TEN News (684,000), NCIS (645,000), Modern Family (Sun: 631,000) and Law and Order: SVU (621,000).

Asher Keddie’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? (367,000) was best for SBS ONE then Food Safari (357,000), Gourmet Farmer (352,000), Treasures Decoded (320,000) and The Great British Countryside (316,000).


  1. Secret Squirrel

    “Complete domination by Nine is coming soon.”

    I think that’s very unlikely. They’ll win some weeks and smash a few nights but complete domination? Nuh-uh.

  2. 7 has clawed 0.9% in consolidated before. This weeks battle might not be over yet. Nines lead seems much smaller than I expected 4x 100min+ eps of the voice is almost 7 hours in a week. This could have been 9s biggest week of the year.

  3. Nine would be disappointed that after a big start of the week they only won the week by 0.9%. This would should be interesting with no Wednesday episode of The Voice, and the missing premiere of Arrow. Will be even closer with consolidated figures as I assume that I am the opposite of most people as I watch MKR live and tape The Voice as it is easier to skip all the boring bits.

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