1. @steveim
    You might need to bring back the scoreboard as MKR is slowly catching up to The Voice and I assume tonight will be MKR 1 The Voice 0 lol

  2. I do love The voice but feel they are trying out too many people who use to have a career eg Michael Paynter and the guy who use to play with LRB. He said he did over 500 shows in the US. I don’t mind the back up singers that have not made it though. Also, the judges really need to change their clothes. That outfit Seal has worn for 2 weeks is pretty average and Delta needs a new outfit too.

  3. @The Moops: No need for TEN to shunt TBL to a secondary channel… as it has already become one.

    The Voice seemed to go on forever last night; so much so that I watched my recording of Sunday night’s episode of Downton Abbey at 7.30pm and still saw the end of The Voice.

    Also, interesting that Nine lost 1.16 million viewers after The Voice. It seems The Following doesn’t have much of one.

  4. No sympathies for TEN – the very idea of The Biggest Loser is appalling, the execution even worse (and I’ve only seen mere snippets and promos).

  5. Because Nine are having to run The Voice on Sundays this year to turn competing with Ten into winning Sunday night.

    Makes things more interesting.

  6. ouch for TBL. perhaps ten should axe it and use the saving to buy days of our lives? it would rate better and deliver much more content year-round.

  7. I thought MKR would be crushed by the blind auditions, I can’t believe they are close to level pegging. I guess it shows that people have had time to emotionally invest in MKR and intend to stick around for the duration. Dismal figures for TBL, the sort of figures that should see it shunted to a secondary channel.

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