Sophie Lowe cast as Alice in Wonderland

2013-03-31_2303Australian actress Sophie Lowe (The Slap, Satisfaction) has landed the role of Alice in Wonderland role in the Once Upon a Time spin-off, Once: Wonderland.

Producers will shoot a short “teaser” presentation in April, with more shooting later in July or August if it moves to Pilot.

Lowe’s Alice is described as ‘young but having lived a hard and long life and carrying those scars on her psyche. Underneath it all, she has a generous heart that she tries to keep hidden.’

Also cast are relative newcomer Peter Gadiot as Alice’s mysterious love interest, Cyrus, in the project from Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and Michael Socha as the Knave of Hearts. Still to be cast are the mysterious Amahl and the White Rabbit, which will most likely be animated with a voiceover.

The project is to be produced by Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Warehouse 13, Torchwood and Caprica) Zero Hour‘s Zack Estrin and Steve Pearlman.

Filming will take place in Vancouver. Plans for a 13-episode series will see this as a self-contained drama, similar to American Horror Story, with a beginning, middle and end all in one season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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