1. The Following will continue to drop viewers over the next few weeks.

    I hope Arrow does better next week as it is a great show but it is already up to episode 19 in the US. Nein are really dropping the ball waiting so long to air it

  2. I am enjoying the voice. Much more entertaining the nastiness on MKR. It will take a lot for me to watch a new series on any network but especially channel nine due to poor treatment of shows. I think it will be hard for any new show to go up against PTTR.

  3. NCIS is still the No 1 show in the US. If it was on Nine or seven it would be rating a million or more.

    Great to see Today finally whipping Sunrise. Anything to wipe the smug grin of David Koch’s face. Today is the much better show anyway.

    Re The Following: If Criminal Minds can find an audience all these years then it could just be a sleeper hit.

    Looking forward to Arrow but I worry because of the delay in showing it is that people will watch have already seen it online.

  4. I found the Following initially very hard to Follow, but then I watched the repeat screening and it was a lot clearer. A shame 2.5 men isn’t doing better because it’s still very enteretaining. Hopefully it will do better next week with Arrow as a lead in.

  5. I don’t watch the Voice. Does it air 7-9pm? It really affected H&A plus Rafters! They did okay but we’re down 200-300k.
    The Voice is popular for the spinning chairs (Blind auditions?) but people seem to lose interest after this.
    It might make good TV, but no longevity is music!

  6. Secret Squirrel

    Re The Following: David has already said that there is a genre mismatch betw it and The Voice, whereas it could be argued that MKR and PTTR are much closer being “family entertainment”.

    And Pertinax has mentioned the repeats and that it will be moving to Wed (from tonight), so next week will give a clearer picture. Plus, I suspect that a lot of people don’t trust that Nine will stick with it and are reluctant to commit to the series on FTA.

    Having said that, it is quite dark which seems to turn a lot of people off (or not interest them) so I don’t think it is going to rate well. I expect that this will end up at 9:30 but stay on the main channel.

  7. Exactly Darcey09. Mr J – Puberty Blues and M&MM get or got those numbers and I think Offspring even went that low or lower. My point is those CSI numbers are good for Channel 10 drama. Especially for something that has been around for so long.

  8. The problem with The Following is that it needs viewer investment. It’s not a straight up procedural, where you can miss episodes.
    With the treatment that commercial tv gives to serials, it’s no wonder viewers are loathe to invest.

  9. Was this the first 0.0% for NITV since it’s launch? While the channel doesn’t have a broad commercial appeal, still not good to see such a result.

  10. The Following will be repeated twice this week and there will be lots of recordings. The consolidated figures will give a better idea.

    What it rates next Wednesday at 8:40pm up against Criminal Minds and Mr & Mrs Murder will be what is important.

    But with Two and Half Men rating 327k there isn’t much they have to replace it or Arrow or The Mentalist, except for 5 new episodes and lots of repeats of TBBT.

  11. @ David Knox

    I think you are being a bit harsh on the numbers for The Following unless part of their 1.03 million was an overrun of The Voice in which case I would agree with you.

    NCIS is still rating well for Ten given a hit for Ten rates about 650K – if it were on Seven, it would be bumped to 9.30 and played in double episodes to get rid of it.

  12. Regarding The Following, 1.03 million for a US drama that started at 9pm and finished at 10pm…I think is a great result. I don’t think there would be any concerned faces at Willoughby this morning with those numbers

  13. Lizzie Mae
    Don’t know what ratings you are looking at but NCIS got 654k, if an Australian drama, which is expensive, got those ratings it would be axed. Considering NCIS is supposed to be the biggest show of its genre I think it says there is no audience for procedural crime shows and networks should avoid investing anything in them.

  14. Due to the decline in ratings for Two and a Half Men in the past 12 months and the frequently low ratings of Anger Management, they would be best to move these two shows into a comedy block on GO!
    Anger Management has a huge episode count this season and next (approx 45 episodes each), they should move it to GO! now rather than harm the after 9:30 ratings on the primary channel.
    Most people expect Arrow to move to GO! after a week or two on Nine, so they could even build a comedy and action night.

  15. What is interesting, is that NCIS manages comparable numbers to local drama – which seems to indicated an audience for straight cop shows, even thought they’ve been around forever. Maybe the older demo McLennan is looking for wants that genre?

  16. The Following is DOA. That’s a big problem for Nine already. My theory – we need home grown drama in these 830 slots and US drama at 930. PTTR kept most of the MKR lead-in audience which is a great result for an Australian drama.

  17. Today is beating Sunrise quite a lot lately.
    In fact, Nine News programs seem to be winning most battles with Seven.
    What about the afternoon news?
    I wonder how that battle is progressing.

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