The Voice vs My Kitchen Rules

2013-04-09_0910Two Reality TV juggernauts are now battling it out on the small screen, with a third on the mat.

The Voice last night emerged as victor with 1.87m viewers but Seven was strong with 1.59m for My Kitchen Rules.

That left 552,000 for The Biggest Loser.

On those numbers, Seven is doing a good job of stopping Nine from having it all its own way. At least viewers have three shows with different sub-genres, rather than two of the same thing.

Nine network share was 33.5% then Seven 31.9%, ABC 17.3%, TEN 14.1% and SBS 3.1%.

Also for Nine were Nine News (1.3m), A Current Affair (1.19m), House Husbands (1.14m), Hot Seat (714,000), Person of Interest (352,000), and Footy Classified (167,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News was 1.26m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.15m / 840,000), Revenge (971,000), Home and Away (932,000), Deal or No Deal (519,000) and The Mindy Project (229,000).

ABC News (905,000) led ABC1 then Media Watch (773,000), Four Corners (717,000), Australian Story (700,000), 7:30 (682,000), Q & A (629,000) and Grand Designs (357,000).

TEN’s best was TEN News (758,000).  Other titles were The Project (524,000), The Simpsons (399,000), Can of Worms (362,000) and Hawaii Five-0 tanked at 223,000.

SBS had a dismal night with World News Australia its best on 196,000 then Mythbusters (143,000), Railway Walks (104,000) and Mad Men (72,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 320,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 8 April 2013


  1. I think the time shifted figures will be of interest as the voice definetly better enjoyed on fast forward to cut out the long and drawn out back stories and Delta being Delta.

  2. Imagine what Ten could do if it moved Neighbours to 6pm Monday to Friday. It would be a great alternative for the news on 7 & 9 and some of those viewers might just stick around for The Project.
    Great to see The Voice beating MKR & even better that House Husbands beat Revenge. That is great news for Aussie drama.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I was very moved by Harrison’s voice….I think all the bits about him …was because they knew they were on a good thing….and that is his voice….never mind the rest.

  4. Very interesting comments re The Voice – seems everyone is getting tired of the drawn out contestant background stories – which we will see again and again if they make it through the play offs. But the ratings are still strong. I think most people watch one and tape the other (MKR or Voice).

    I commend Ten for sticking with Can of Worms and Hawaii Five O – both are not drawing an audience for the past three months yet they persevere. Better than another NCIS repeat I guess.

    And less than 1 million for Revenge is probably not bad given it went for two hours last night.

    • I enjoyed the talent, the girl from Queensland with the guitar was excellent. But the dragging out of backstories, especially the constant teasing of Harrison Craig (“but wait, somebody else has hit the red carpet”) was painful. Seems the show has found its new Rachel Leahcar.

  5. Nine would be disappointed that House Husbands did not retain more of The Voice’s lead-in audience – that’s an ominous drop-off. It will be interesting to see what happens to audience retention after MKR and The Voice when the blind auditions are over.

  6. channel nine would be dissappointed not been able to crack the 2 million mark .The Voice costs a bomb to make .last year the voice was doing over two seven has done a great job to contain the ratings of The Voice .1.67 million viewers for MKR is fantastic ratings against nine biggest show of the year which rated 1.87 million.clearly people can not get enough of MKR its great family viewing. i watch MKR and record The Voice but fast forward most of it as the talent isnt that great this year

  7. Disappointed with The Voice this year – I agree with everyone who says too many back stories, too drawn out… I’ll keep watching though. Still prefer it to MKR.

  8. @deedeedragons Oh please – it happens all the time, and it was no more apparent during MKR v Masterchef Pro’s (and wait til ARL vs NRL grand final time).

    The fact is MKR didn’t win in overall people last night – the fanboys will spin it anyway they can.

  9. My Kitchen Rules is doing exactly what Seven wants it to do. 1.6m to 1.87m isn’t bad at all. IMO right now MKR is the better show as the singers on The Voice this year are not that great. The judges antics too are too over the top not to mention the all positive criticism.

    Last night I noticed too that the coaches on The Voice were standing up and basically taking a peek at the contestants. During Harrison’s performance Seal stood up and was basically took a peek at him. IMO that is not fair. Right now I am sticking with MKR and recording The Voice. Too much filler for me.

  10. I watched a bit of The Voice and found it painfully slow. There is way too much rubbish between performances. The theatrics form the judges are over the top and they treat every mediocre performance like the second coming. These blind auditions with gimmicky spinning red chairs are becoming more like deaf auditions.
    It is obvious that they are setting the bar pretty low this year, so they can have more contestants to drag this season on longer. This is just another overhyped contrived reality show. I won’t be watching it again.

  11. Interesting to see House Husbands beat Revenge. I wonder if it will become Australia’s No. 1 drama (although I understand ‘drama’ is a bit of a stretch as it’s so light it almost floats away).

  12. better than a good job considering 1) mkr has been on for ages and ages 2) voice was over 2 million last year 3) normally when reality shows return old constentants viewers ask why, get annoyed and leave! A few predicted MKR would struggle to find a million. I always thought it would be 1.1-1.2 v 2.0-2.1

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