1. Congrats to TBL, it was a fantastic season and I’m glad it’s returning next year – tackling one of Australia’s biggest towns is an interesting concept.

    I’m not surprised K&K was given a 9:45pm timeslot, but I am surprised Seven did this with a film they had exclusivity over given it hasn’t had a DVD release yet. I think it’s a reflection of the film itself. It was a god-awful adaptation of a once great TV show, a shameful scrape of the barrel with no redeeming qualities. Lest we forget Kath actually had magic powers in one scene. Magic powers!

    Celebrity Apprentice might not be a ratings winner but it’s easily the best season so far. Loving the dynamics.

    @Mac Completely agree! I loved seeing Hayley get emotional. I think she started out quite awkward as host but she’s come a long way and I find her very genuine.

  2. Like how you only quoted the Celebrity Apprentice: Boardroom figure David. Any chance you could continue to only quote the Boardroom figure until Nine decide to stop coding the show into two parts.

  3. 32 of the 33 episodes of the season of TBL were a massive flop, arguably dragging the whole network down. but the season final did well so of course ten needs to inflict itself with the show again next year. just as they have for the past 5 years.

    I don’t get why people are so upset about kath & kims slot. high grossing, critically acclaimed movies like The Dark Knight and Avatar flopped on tv, 9 didn’t even bother with Inception, giving it a low profile premiere on Go!. why is K&K held on such a pedestal? I loved the series, but watched it for the first time last night and thought Tues 9:30 was generous.
    why are late slots even an issue in 2013? invest in a pvr people.

  4. I saw Kath & Kimderella months ago and it was a shocker of a movie, absolute bogan trash! No wonder not too many people watched. Highlight of last nights viewing was the excellent edition of Q&A featuring Bill Gates.

  5. Happy biggest loser finally shone through at the end. Dissapointed in 7 showing Kath & kimderella so late. Surely they could’ve picked a better time slot for it!

  6. It’s sad that “a decent share” is all Ten can hope for with an event finale when this is their new genre-of-choice for the future.

  7. It was a great finale for TBL. Hayley couldn’t keep it together sometimes – love that real emotion from a host! – and I don’t think anyone was betting on anyone but the Green Team to win. Congratulations to everyone involved in what turned out to be a fantastic season!

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