Eurovision sends SBS share into double digits

Ratings: The 30th broadcast of Eurovision pulls 595,000 viewers and gives SBS their best share of the year (Updated).

2013-05-20_0957The 30th broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest proved to be a big hit for SBS with the Final averaging 595,000 across four hours.

That was an increase on 2012 (531,000), 2011 (503,000) and 2010 (366,000) and lifted the SBS to double digits -it’s biggest share of the year- with the primary channel share knocking on the doors of ABC1 and TEN.

The show was also a social media hit, over the weekend #sbseurovision was trending #1 worldwide.


Director of TV and Online Content, Tony Iffland said: “This year marked SBS’s 30th year broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest and I am thrilled that this is also our most successful Eurovision broadcast to date. SBS continues to lead the way in multi-platform event viewing, with extensive 3 day coverage of Eurovision across on-air, online and radio as well as live social media integration into the broadcast.”

Over the weekend the #SBSEurovision hash tag received over 180,000 tweets with an average of 330 tweets per minute during the broadcasts. The #SBSEurovision hash tag was trending worldwide on Friday night during semi-final one.

The SBS Eurovision website received 188,943 visits this month, with its peak on Sunday with 63,435 visits.

Elsewhere 60 Minutes soared to 1.7m and The Kath and Kim Kountdown bombed with just 678,000.

But the night belonged to Nine.

Nine network share was 31.3% then Seven 27.3%, TEN 16.0%, ABC 14.0% and SBS 11.4%.

60 Minutes had its best numbers all year with 1.7m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.58m), The Block (1.52m), House Husbands (1.18m), CSI (680,000) and CSI Miami (263,000).

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.42m then A Place to Call Home (1.15m), Sunday Night (1.14m), while The Kath & Kim Kountdown bombed with just 678,000. Lewis was 422,000.

The Biggest Loser was TEN’s best at 728,000 then Elementary (697,000), Modern Family (671,000), Bondi Rescue (535,000), TEN News (506,000), The Simpsons (430,000), and Graham Norton (356,000).

ABC News (904,000) led ABC1 followed by the season finals for Doctor Who (812,000) and Call the Midwife (785,000), Compass was 393,000, The Boffin the Builder and the Bombardier was 390,000, Parkinson: Masterclass was 265,000 and Antique Masters was 255,000.

On SBS ONE it was all about Eurovision (595,000). World News Australia was 210,000.

Doc Martin (284,000) topped multichannels on 7TWO.

Insiders: 179,000 / 82,000 / 47,000
Financial Review Sunday: 176,000
The Bolt Report: 132,000
Meet the Press: 73,000 / 95,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 May 2013

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  1. It was an absolutely amazing weekend. Kudos to all at SBS for putting together such an entertaining package.

    I think we can all agree that huge eyebrows and drums were the big winners this year.

    Next year we’re off to Legoland. I can’t wait!

  2. Jezza the first original one, you’re falling into the well worn trap that equates taste with popularity. 20 To 1 seemed to work for Nine a while ago, so I don’t blame Seven for reheating Kath & Kim again. Besides, they’re starting to find holes in their schedule all over the place.

  3. Watched a full episode of Elementary last night for the first time – an excellent show. When I first heard about it I thought the idea of a female Watson was crazy but Lucy Lui is great as is the actor playing SH.

  4. Why did Seven drop Border Security and The Force for that Kath and Kim crap? I sat down to see my favourite shows and was confronted with bogan crap from the Noughties. Don’t do it again, Seven.

  5. With less than 1% between TEN, ABC1 and SBS1, that’s close. Too close for TEN.
    Agree that Kath & Kim was pathetic. “Celebrities” (??) parroting lines from a script, over and over and over. This was more like a Summer filler.
    Eurovision, meanwhile, was real-TV. Watch for Nine to poach it and really stuff it up, like Top Gear, etc., etc.

  6. Glad to see Financial Review Sunday going well, I kind of like it. Deb Knight is a wonderful host, I also loved the coverage of Eurovision thank you SBS – the rapping astronauts where the highlights for me.

  7. I said last week that I think Australians have outgrown Kath and Kim. Particularly a lazy cobbled together clip show.

    Doubt we will see it again next week. More suited to a Thursday night rather than the peak viewing night of Sunday.

  8. It was good to see the K&K thing bomb after such appalling reviews (mr K-Nox included). It shows the networks that once you start serving us crap, We Will Ditch You……with the remote. I have no loyalty to any of the comm ftas, put something good on, I will watch, mess around with it and I’ll watch online (legit of course), put crap on and you are gone, lead-ins are meaningless to me if they are crap, run a show late & Zap you are gone. The Jurrassic thinking in the ftas will only lead to their extinction….

  9. Last night before the elimination 10 played adds for TBL this week that showed all the teams that obviously got through the elimination. They just keep getting better and better at stuffing things up.

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