MasterChef switches to Sunday -but borrows from MKR.

2013-05-24_0030Was it a red herring in the programming guide designed to throw the opposition off the scent? Or did TEN just come its senses?

Either way, this is the right outcome.

While I’m not a fan of red herrings in the schedule, at least TEN will come clean in time for printed Guides.

MasterChef is now set to launch at 7:30pm Sunday June 2nd,  24 hours earlier than it had originally stated in its advance Guide. But that would have been a fatal move, going up against The Voice Live Show and a renovation reveal on House Rules. A number of TV Tonight readers noted how treacherous that move would have been.

Now it will have to take on 60 Minutes and whatever Seven confirms for the timeslot (lately it’s been Border Security and The Force). While renovation shows battle one another on Seven and Nine’s weeknight schedule, could TEN finally benefit from a point of difference?

However the show continues to borrow ideas from My Kitchen Rules. The first promo “Girls v Boys” branded its contestants as “Tiger Mum,” “Cattle Rancher” and “The Dude.”

Now a second promo sees feuding contestants arguing over ingredients at a Coles check-out, right down to the words “Game on molls.”

Sigh, I guess the joy of celebrating cuisine skill just isn’t enough in 2013.

Network Ten is pleased to announce that series five of MasterChef Australia will premiere on Sunday, June 2, at 7.30pm.

Coming to you from its new home in Melbourne, Matt Preston has returned to his natural place beside fellow judges George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan as they put 22 of Australia’s best homes cooks through their paces in the kitchen.

The 2013 season will not only bring viewers the classic tastes of MasterChef Australia they know and love, but it will also bring some new dishes to the table. Themed weeks see our contestants go to boot camp in the Barossa, get in touch with their inner child in kids’ week and go red, white and green for Italian week – and that’s just the beginning.

We’re also joined by some fabulous guest chefs along the way: Antonio Carluccio, Stephanie Alexander, Curtis Stone, Shannon Bennett, Maggie Beer and Guillaume Brahimi, to name just a few.

MasterClass has also had a makeover: for the first time ever, a studio audience gets to experience first-hand the teaching skills of all three of our judges, George, Gary and, yes, Matt Preston behind the stove.

With all these ingredients, it’s a recipe that will take our contestants closer to achieving their food dreams and changing the course of their lives, as they compete to be the next Australian MasterChef. Let the cooking begin.

Sunday, June 2, at 7.30pm and continues Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm.


  1. Ten is trying everything in it’s power to sabotage MasterChef this year…

    Do love the ads showing the women stuff up & bitch after all their gloating in the promos. Pure gold…

  2. I thought the context for the argument at the checkout was pretty obvious – they had exactly $204 to spend on ingredients so they could all make their own dishes, and before they’d even scanned half their stuff it had hit $214. All of that was explained in the ad. I do love how the boys apparently budgeted and didn’t have any issues lol

  3. They get all the same people back. Not that Im complaining seeing Curtis. But we will get Adriano Zumbo back with some great creation that will take 6 hours to make.

    How about getting some news chefs and freshen it up.

  4. To be honest, the only reason why I watched mkr was because of all the bitchiness and nasty talk, it was hilarious to watch!
    MC is now Boring, but the promos make me wanna watch it again:)

  5. i think the most bizarre thing in the promos is – matt preston: “who will rule” contestants: “we will rule”, “i am gonna rule”. seemed just a slip of the tongue away from “my kitchen rules”

    after years of MKR bashing from the MC fans for being too unoriginal, too bitchy, too not-about-food it will be interesting to see the reaction when the tables are turned. atleast MKR and 7 have always been upfront about being 7’s answer to the sucess of MC. MC has always been so outspoken about how original they are, being the first ever cooking show in the universe.

  6. theblueskidoo

    Yeah, I really hope they don’t go too far down the ‘bitching about other contestants’ track. The fact that the contestants get along really well and are supportive of each other has always been the show’s point of difference.

  7. The irony…wasnt it George who was saying we are a real cooking show not a drama show? haha. The judges are what make MC so unbearable they are so over the top……

  8. carolemorrissey

    We will have to wait till the episode airs to see what the context is for the argument at the checkout. But if I had a particular dish I wanted to make, and they were all deciding to cut the ingredients I would need for that dish, I would be pissed off as well.

    I thought the same thing about the Muslim woman. Last year Amina was the nicest person and didn’t cause conflict or argue with anyone and was always hugging everyone. They are showing this woman as argumentative and difficult. When we watch the whole thing, she probably has every right to be.

  9. Over all the reality shows and their contempt of viewers, unfortunately too many viewers get sucked in by them. Enjoy the people who will be watching

  10. The Other Adam

    I remember the appeal for a lot of people when MasterChef first came out how it was a nice change from the bitching in other reality shows.. oh well guess that gets boring after a while…

    Also how many reality shows are going to have the ‘game on mmjd’ line..

  11. bettestreep2008

    David, the producers had to resort to the MKR/Block/HR bitching and whining because that’s what rates nowadays.

    And if you noticed in the promos they are portraying the muslim contestant as a whiner and the Caucasian contestants mocking her with ‘game on moles’ and ‘my nuts my nuts’.

    I’ll be watching but if they spend too much time on bitching and whining like MKR did, I’ll turn off.

  12. I’ve seen the commercials and it’s enough to put me off but I can understand why 10 will play the mean card because it’s what audiences appear to want. I had a theory when MC started that people liked it because we were sick of mean in reality shows but it appears to have swung back to liking the meanies. If they play to the mean I won’t watch but will give it a crack in the beginning.

  13. ghghgh20_211

    Best move ever!! Go on you ten for moving the show to Sunday. Will do great then.

    Also, i don’t think MC is copying MKR with branding people ‘1950s housewife’ or ‘the cool dude.’ MKR don’t own rights to brand people.

    Remember when that girl was on a few seasons ago and they said ”you are a lawyer who can cook’. Even though she was a lawyer previously, she was still branded. How do you know these people are actually ”a cool dude”.

    Also, i don’t think MC producers told the contestans to have more arguments like the MKR contestants. I just think any competition naturally brings out that side of you.

  14. That should be “Game on, molls!” but anyway…the interesting thing about the contestants being “branded” was that they were forced to change “Cattle Rancher” to “The Stockman” after it was pointed out to them that it was an American description that is not used in Australia.

  15. I enjoy masterchef for the food focus. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition between the contestants but If it goes down the mkr nastiness path I will be turning off.

  16. carolemorrissey

    I thought it was odd it starting on a Monday, when it has always started on Sunday. But won’t it still be on weeknights too, so will still be up against The Voice & House Rules.

    I saw that ad last night of them arguing at the checkout. Can’t wait for that episode to air. The guys seemed bemused by it all.

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