More cuts rumoured at Nine

There are reports of more cost cuts at Nine targetting programming, expenses and staff numbers.

2013-05-10_0104There are reports of more cost cuts at Nine targetting programming, expenses and staff numbers across the board.

The Daily Telegraph reports producers of Wide World of Sports and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos have been exiting.

Investment in daytime television is off the table. Next week Nine has The Block repeats at 2pm.

The View is said to be gone, however it is currently still in schedule.

Also gone are expense accounts for sales executives, business lunches and taxi travel, following cancelled corporate credit cards.

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  1. Are the network Nine Spirit Gods speaking the language of the Money Gods, with souls being sold to Hedge Funds, what next? a reincarnated Kerry materialising from Nime’s archive basement thanks to the wonders of 3D copiers, to carry out yet another Bondie, and buying back Nine at a bargain price again, ironically using millions from gambling wins at James’s csaino’s tables.

  2. A lot of comment on this site has been about the state that TEN is in….seems Nine have big worries also….
    Maybe we might all be paying to watch TV in the future?!?

  3. Well, they have taken Days of Our Lives off so I guess The View and Ellen are next off the chopping block.
    I won’t need to put channel 9 on at all soon.
    I agree, they should stop giving all the hosting jobs to overseas artists and cut Eddies salary, that would save money!

  4. Gloom and doom

    at nine at this rate they will have no viewers.

    Since days I haven’t watched now they will lose more viewers.

    So what will be shown reruns of here’s Lucy and bewitched. Gillian’s island .. Green acres..

  5. @Jezza – I think the online option is far more secure than the traditional fta model (plus bigger audiences – although it is rather content saturated). What it comes down to is how much return you get from distributing online.

    Bit disappointing to hear this from Nine, but I suppose not surprising.

  6. Well, just channel-surfing. Their HD channel, GEM, currently showing a very poor resolution, 4:3 B&W 1950 unheard-of movie. Such a “gem” neither the negative or the print were cleaned. At least get a decent print, if you do actually pay anything for this junk.

  7. ch9 must continue to eliminate all these flabby costs, every cent will count. They are owned by folk who are only interested in $$.

    Their future is far from secure, did anyone else notice the news that YouTube are piloting subscription channels for premium content. This could, if it takes off, wipe out the current fta model. For example your fave reality show could premiere on YT, if the production company wanted to take the risk…

  8. Nine had better not axe Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Show. It’s bad enough that they are showing encores of The Voice on Saturdays instead of AFHVS. Is it going to come back soon?
    And on The View, I don’t watch it, but they better leave Ellen alone.

  9. I see nothing wrong with businesses cutting costs but Nine has being doing this for quite a while now and they almost went bankrupt a while ago. If they are really serious about cost cutting then they have to start with the highly paid stars and executives.

    I believe Eddie McGuire is paid millions but only does one show for Nine – Hot Seat. He works more for Fox nowadays.I am sure if Gyngell offers him a pay cut he will recoup the difference from Lachlan Murdoch. And he can get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing he is helping his beloved Nine network. And is Bert Newton still on the Nine payroll? If so – why?

    If they are truly genuine about cost cutting – they shouldn’t be splashing big money around on has been overseas celebrities like Geri Halliwell and Seal. The television authorities must monitor what’s going on at Nine and make sure they don’t end up on the verge of bankruptcy again. Otherwise there’s going to be a lot more unemployed people in the very near future – and that’s not good for the TV industry.

  10. They better not ditch The View!!

    Actually, Barbara Walters was saying just last week on air how well The View rates in Australia when there was an aussie guest on the panel!

    Why cut shows that people actually watch??!

  11. Why this endless stream of bad news out of Nine? Why don’t they announce a huge restructure as a good news story and just get it done? In stark contrast is the endless stream of “good news” stories out of Foxtel.

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