Sammy J to host Wednesday Night Fever

2013-05-30_1038Comedian Sammy J will host ABC’s new late night, weekly comedy series Wednesday Night Fever.

Airing over seven weeks, the half hour show will feature topical impersonations, satirical characters, musical comedy and special guests – all in front of a studio audience.

The ensemble cast includes Amanda Bishop (At Home with Julia); Paul McCarthy (Comedy Inc. – The Late Shift, At Home with Julia), Genevieve Morris (Comedy Inc. – The Late Shift), Dave Eastgate (A Moody Christmas, Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting), Heath Franklin (The Ronnie Johns Half Hour),  Anne Edmonds (Melbourne Comedy Festival), Robin Goldsworthy (At Home with Julia, Paper Giants) and music theatre performer Lisa Adam. Metal outfit Boner Contention are the house band.

Jennifer Collins, ABC TV’s Head of Entertainment, said “It’s a stellar cast with the smart and witty Sammy J at the helm. The series will be a playground for these great comedic talents. We’re thrilled to have satirical sketch comedy in prime time, delivering a unique take on the latest news from around the world and here at home.”

The show is created by Rick Kalowski  (At Home with Julia) and is a Quail Television and ABC TV co-production. Quail Television Executive Producers are Rick Kalowski and Greg Quail. ABC Executive Producer is Sophia Zachariou.

Wednesday Night Fever will premiere on Wednesday, July 3 at 9:30pm on ABC1.


  1. Does this mean that Gruen Nation and The Election Hamster will both only be 30 mins each? Last election Gruen Nation was 45 mins from memory

  2. muscledude_oz

    I can’t believe that with a Liberal government in a few month’s time and cutbacks to the ABC being implemented they are still wasting taxpayers’ money on comedy crap. Please, enough is enough. Perhaps the ABC does need to be privatised or closed down.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @J Bar – I wouldn’t exactly call Sammy J new but I know what you mean. Also good that the cast has some fresher talent too.

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