Seal hits back at media, but everything is an illusion….

2013-05-13_1227I guess as long as they’re talking about your show that’s the main thing..

Seal has taken to Twitter to respond to media criticism today following last night’s episode of The Voice.

News Ltd reporter Holly Byrnes was on set for the recording of Sunday’s show when Delta Goodrem told Team Seal singer Jac Stone her performance of Suzanne Vega’s Luka was “too introverted” and “went nowhere.”

Stone had been praised by Ricky Martin and Joel Madden while Goodrem had concerns with her performance, but still managed to end on a positive note about her strengths as a singer.

News Ltd reports Seal snapped “you do that” to Goodrem and the moment was referred to as an ugly display of ego by the British singer.

But the exchange between coaches was edited out of the show. Similar scenes involving Delta’s criticism of Team Seal’s Michelle Martinez were also edited out a week earlier.

Today Seal has tweeted in apparent response:

As most of you who follow me will know, I don’t usually tweet but this is where twitter comes in handy. This is about to change.

Am I surprised, not really because like my homeland that’s what the media does in this country. Heck, they even attack theirOwn

Unlike the vulnerable artists in #teamseal, I can take it:-) because it means they’re not distracting my team+ tall poppy syn.

Ausyralia, let’s not forget what this show is about.. THE ARTISTS. So attack away. It’ll take an army


No different from my own country, nothing unusual here. Predictable and therefore welcome. It’s about THE ARTISTS not me

For what it’s worth I think Delta has improved a lot as a coach this year, giving contestants the most feedback about the art of singing and the actual placement and execution of their voice. Others seem to be distracted by appearances and gender and constantly telling individuals they are already a star.

Such storms-in-teacups certainly don’t harm a show that benefits from remaining in the headlines.

The tweet I agree with the most is the reference to illusions.


  1. I would love if Keith Urban replaced Seal! I’m not a Seal fan at all and really miss Keith. Ricky has been fantastic though, so much energy and enthusiasm. I totally agree with you David, Delta is the coach that is seen to be giving the most technical advice and in my opinion is the best vocalist on the panel. I find Joel very entertaining and in my eyes he has a lot of credibility due to his long career in a very tough market (I’ve been trying to erase those KFC ads out of my mind though!). I was speaking to one of this year’s contestants last week (bumped into them at their work) and they said that Joel is the most supportive and accessible judge on the show so that’s a positive about him.

  2. backflip: I also believe that there was speculation that this could add to rumours of Keith Urban rejoining and possibly taking over from Seal.

    oh my word, that would be amazing! hope its true

  3. Why is it that we always see the blow outs when theyre against Delta?? No wonder she receives so much negative feedback online because the producers are making her look like her opinion is not valid. (Least against the other 3 blokes)

  4. I’ve been waiting for a chance to say this (because I don’t actually want to acknowledge to people in real life that I watch this show) but it is so obvious that Joel Madden knows nothing about music! He’s always saying “Wow, this is so amazing”. Every. Single. Performance. Even if they’re awful. When his comments aren’t goofy and/or devoid of any actual feedback, he just restates what the other judges say.

    Granted, she does say “I find you really intriguing/interesting” and “You’re able to tell a story” a bit too much for my liking, but even so Delta is the only one on the panel who seems like she has half an idea, as she provides actual criticism when necessary rather than.

    Finally, there seems to be a *lot* of comments about people’s appearances/sex appeal for a show that purports to be all about “The Voice”.

  5. @Methix According to News Ltd, its the opposite. They say that 9’s senior aren’t impressed after the outbursts (1 last week too), and they have “backed Goodrem for standing her ground with grace.”

    The same report also quotes Karl Stefanovic backing up Delta over 2 segments of the Today show this morning.

    I also believe that there was speculation that this could add to rumours of Keith Urban rejoining and possibly taking over from Seal.

  6. I don’t think there needs to be a nasty coach. Its not nasty to be honest and good constructive criticism where warranted. There is dishonesty in being nice and not saying a performance is bad for the sake of being nice.

  7. The Voice coaches are too nice and it annoys me!! There should be at least one nasty coach. The X Factor/AGT/Idol judges are way better.

  8. delta supposedly criticizes Kathy hinch form team joel tonight , and gets a boo from the crowd , i dont like where this is going the only thing that separated the voice au form other bands was the coaches where all friends and didn’t lash out at each other.

    Delta has been the best judge this year and the most accurate and honest. i have a feeling the producers are purposely putting bullseye on her for some reason

  9. I have to agree with you David. I have liked Delta’s coaching style this year also. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I liked all of Ricky’s contestants last night. There was no standout for Seal. Curious to see who goes through for Ricky tonight.

  10. It still doesn’t hide the fact that Seal gave his singers some awful songs last night.Ricky is proving to be the best judge by a mile in that he gives his singers some great songs that really show their voice..not some obscure song.Delta has been good with her criticism, far better than Joel who is all about illusions.

  11. I’m sick of all the constant accolades these “artists” get (and I intentionally use quotes as I don’t think more than a third are true artists). I know they’re mentors so they have to be supportive, but if these artists truly want to make it they need some constructive criticism to improve their performances/singing. I miss not having a Simon Cowell-type judge on these shows.

  12. Ricky was critical of the bloke in the wheelchair, I forget his name. And yes he was pitchy, it was very fair yet some audience members booed. Seal didn’t seem to flinch, though of course that could have been edited out. While praise is positive and sometimes well justified, it seems that the second anyone provides constructive criticism then they are doing dis justice to everyone. It all just comes across as pretentious and makes me wonder weather the judges actually can recognise genuine talent.

  13. I think Delta is now probably the most honest and constructive coach/judge. It’s not helping them at all to say “you’re such a beautiful person” – I completely agreed with Delta’s assessment of that performance. Seal’s reaction seemed very defensive. IMHO, Seal picked the two he wanted to go through and gave them the better song choices. Conspiracy theory – yes – but in conversations, I’ve had others agree.

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