TEN appoints new Research exec

TEN appoints Fairfax exec Sarah Keith as Head of Research, Analytics and Inventory Management.

Sarah Keith 1Network TEN has announced Sarah Keith to a newly-appointed position of Head of Research, Analytics and Inventory Management.

She is currently Director of Ad Strategy and Operations at Fairfax Media.

She will be responsible for a newly-formed department and reports to CEO Hamish McLennan.

“Sarah is a highly experienced media executive, having worked for some of the best media companies in Australia and the UK,” McLennan said.

“She will play a key role in better valuing our audience delivery and optimising our inventory. The role of analytics and research will help us drive better engagement with our advertisers and media buying partners.”

A former Commercial Airtime Manager at Network TEN, Keith has also worked at Premier Media Group (now FOX Sports) as Director of Commercial and Sales, at SBS as National Manager of Client Solutions, and at Austereo as National Inventory Manager. In the UK, she worked for Channel 4 and GWR Group.

“I have worked in television for the majority of my career and have gained valuable insights working at Network TEN, SBS, Fox Sports and Channel 4 in the UK,” she said.

“I’ve been very impressed by the changes and drive at Network TEN, and the clear desire of everyone there to do things differently. TEN, ELEVEN and ONE are great brands with great potential, and I’m looking forward to being part of them.”

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  1. Round and Round the Mulberry Bush!

    I think it is the epitome of poetic justice, that Ten finds itself with a such a loss of credibility, and no matter what programme they run, or what plans, incentives and actions they promote, no one seems to listen to them, or if they do, nobody believes or trusts them anymore.

    The karma and poetic justice now coming home to roost, is that it seems to be exactly what they had planned and wanted Paul Henry, Andrew Bolt and the new biased Meet the Press to achieve, ably assisted by very pointed lead news items( or lack of them if it suits) and endless comedic innuendo, squarely aimed at one particular person.

    The irony is, that whilst other networks are trying something similar, Ten’s loss of credibility has been entirely ” Self Inflicted”

  2. I thought you were in charge of analytics and inventory David? The Women is clearly deluded if she is impressed with anything at Ten. It’s like boarding the Titanic when everyone can see the iceberg coming.

  3. “better valuing our audience delivery”. A viewer is a viewer. A TEN viewer is of no higher value than a 7 or 9 viewer.
    “and optimising our inventory” -as in, how many more runs can we get out of The Devil Wears Prada and Star Trek.
    Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting all of this TEN-speak mumbo-jumbo of new departments and convoluted titles.

  4. err ch10, you need better engagement with viewers otherwise your advertisers and media buying partners will no longer exist.

    Sarah is moving from one media based company in arguably terminal decline to another……

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