The Voice gives Nine a Sunday showdown

Ratings: The Voice shows no signs of slowing down as Nine takes a Sunday win.

2013-05-06_1014The Voice shows no signs of slowing down as it moved into its new Showdown stage last night. This sees viewers vote on contestants for the first time, with a Results show set to air on Tuesday.

Last night Seven won the News battle but Nine took the night.

Nine network share was 33.4% then Seven 31.0%, TEN 15.8%, ABC 14.6% and SBS 5.2%.

The Voice topped the night with 1.97m viewers. Next for Nine was Nine News (1.45m), 60 Minutes (1.39m), The Mentalist (645,000) and CSI (447,000). CSI: Miami was 232,000.

Seven News (1.55m) led for Seven then Sunday Night (1.49m), A Place to Call Home (1.3m), The Force (1.16m), Border Security (968,000), Mrs Biggs ( 602,000). A Castle repeat was 242,000.

Elementary (758,000) remains TEN’s best Sunday show. The Biggest Loser was 740,000, Modern Family was 681,000, Bondi Rescue was 473,000, TEN News was 440,000, The Simpsons was 433,000, and Graham Norton was 277,000.

ABC News (831,000) topped ABC1 followed by Doctor Who (786,000), Call the Midwife (744,000), Miranda (395,000), The Boffin the Builder and the Bombardier (382,000) and Compass (304,000).

Treasures of Ancient Rome (394,000), Murdoch (252,000), World News Australia (159,000) and Page One: A Year Inside the NY Times (101,000).

Shaun the Sheep topped multichannels with 245,000.

Financial Review Sunday: 197,000
Insiders: 173,000 / 61,000 / 42,000
The Bolt Report: 147,000
Meet the Press: 86,000 / 118,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 5 May 2013

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  1. Well we caught the last 15 minutes of The Voice last night, and sat there just stunned. A whole lot of non-Australians sitting in judgement (apart from Delta who can barely string two words together coherently). They looked awful, tatts hanging off just about all of them. What they were saying was mostly nonsense (do they know anything about actual music?), and a studio full of the usual screaming audience. And who’s the compere? Another ring-in from OS presumably.

    My husband, a professional musician and singer for longer than we care to remember, had to leave the room he was so incensed by it all.

    This is what Australian television has come to – a whole swag of lifestyle/’talent’ shows, all looking and sounding much the same, night after night, week after week. It’s truly awful. And are any of these contestants ever heard of again, or so they sink back into oblivion after their day in the sun?

  2. Financial Review Sunday did really well for its first show, a well polished bulletin. Also surprising is 60 Minutes still doing really well even with the different time slot of 8pm and changing again next week.

  3. Great Number fot the voice last night !! I really enjoyed it and also good numbers for Financial Review Sunday !!! Nine should be happy with that !! and I dont know why TEN is continuing with Bondi Rescue !! If hoser numbers were on Nine or Seven they would axe it straight away !!

  4. A very good start for Fin Rev Sunday, easily beating the competition. It was a well produced show. I would like to see more market analysis though.

    I’m a little disappointed with Murdoch last night, I didn’t think it offers much. It feels like it was just a narration of his wikepedia entries with visuals.

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