The Voice sings long and loud on Monday

2013-05-28_1032If it’s Monday it must be Nine, with The Voice continuing to lead the pack.

While it mirrors 2012’s trend of tracking lower rather than higher across the series it still topped the night on 1.64m viewers (running overtime those numbers will again need to be adjusted).

It also overshadows the good numbers by Nine News, pipping 1.4m viewers. Seven will be pleased House Rules is across the magic million.

Nine network share was 34.7% then Seven 27.7%, ABC 17.6%, TEN 15.9% and SBS 4.1%.

Following The Voice,  Nine News was 1.41m, The Block (1.39m), A Current Affair (1.21m) and Hot Seat (782,000). Major Crimes started late with 773,000 in preliminary numbers. Footy Classified was 273,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.31m) was best for Seven with the House Rules reveal clinging to 1.07m. Today Tonight was 1.03m, Home and Away was 966,000, Revenge was 881,000, Deal or No Deal was 608,000, Grey’s Anatomy was 418,000 / 296,000 and Private Practice was 123,000.

ABC News (969,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (813,000), 7:30 (770,000), Four Corners (635,000), Q & A (602,000) and Media Watch (600,000).

The penultimate Biggest Loser was 728,000 for TEN. TEN News was 700,000, The Project was 602,000, The Americans was 487,000. The Simpsons was 393,000.

Mythbusters was 254,000 on SBS ONE then World News Australia (209,000), Into the Mind (153,000) and Britain’s Best Drives (94,000).

Neighbours was strong on multichannels with 405,000.

Sunrise: 357,000
Today: 338,000
ABC News Breakfast: 50,000 / 26,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 27 May 2013


  1. Good to see that the recent improvements made to Neighbours is resulting in better ratings.
    The new backyard sets look great. I’d imagine some of the residents of Pin Oak Court would be envious.
    Two things though: Is it permanently summer in Erinsborough?
    And why didn’t Scott MacGregor have some acting lessons while he was away?

  2. I watched The American’s and found it action packed, engaging and well acted. Not a slow burn at all (odd for my opinion to differ from yours David). I hope the numbers lift. I do agree they should have waited for The Voice to be over before launching, I think The Truth Is will suffer the same fate unfortunately. I would have played movies Mon night for now if I were Ten.

  3. I think biggest loser Will come back next season. It’s still on of highest rating shows for ten. They’d be stupid to get rid of it. Could even finally break the magic million for the finale tonight…. Or at least make it close!

  4. The only thing that is painful on The Voice, is listening to the dribble coming from Seal and Delta. Also their annoying habit of, “I did this and I did that”. I, I, I, Me, Me, Me. The Voice needs to remain just that, only hearing the person, until the end. Owning the stage and strutting their stuff shouldn’t mean anything until there is a winning “Voice.”

  5. Surely The Biggest Loser will not return next year…What a spectacular fail…Maybe it is the millionaire trainers turning people off…you can see them all over any channel flogging vitamins & whatever.
    I see Seven is talking up it’s new show Red Widow which has already been cancelled in the US. Seven really seems to be on a downward trend.
    It would be great to see Neighbours back on Ten but I think the reason that it is doing so well is that Freemantle have spent money so it can compete in the UK with the other soaps rather than Aussie audiences. The increase here is just a bonus.
    Now Eleven needs to build on that & get a better program at 7 instead of Raymond.

  6. @ Belljay

    The Voice is dragging on? With four evictions each episode? I don;t think so. It could only be dragging if you had watched all the preliminary theatrics and chair turning – I only started watching from the knock out rounds and I reckon last night’s was the best night so far.

    Delta and Gurrumel excellent too.

    Also, I agree and said it in a post a few days ago…..The Americans close to 10pm next week is not a good investment in a new show. I would have paired it with Elementary on a Sunday night.

  7. In all honestly, stations should know by now that when a show like The Voice is on and killing everything in its path, that they should realized not to try and air new programs because they just aren’t going to win. The Americans would do better I feel if they weren’t up against them. One can only expect repeat rating numbers. The Voice is dragging on and it is becoming tiresome to sit to watch for me.

  8. I found “The Americans” a bit ho hum and I wasted 90+ minutes watching it. The only real highlight of the episode was when Richard Thomas (aka John Boy Walton) turned up.

  9. Winter is coming, more people are home at 6:30pm to watch Neighbours. It has had some better story lines recently.

    The Biggest Loser is not a good match, or much of lead in, for The Americans. And when you have pre-announced that it will bumped to somewhere between 9:30 and 10pm next week it’s hard to get people to commit to watching it instead of The Voice, Revenge or Four Corners.

  10. Carringbush

    Think the only reason House Rules got 1m+ was because it was a House Reveal – it’ll drop again tonight.

    Would have loved to watch The Americans but because it ended at 10pm, I couldn’t even record it (Dexter/Nurse Jackie & Greys/Private Practice). Interesting that when I checked on the epg to see if it was playing encore anywhere, the next episode available was the second episode which was scheduled to play at 10pm next week. Could it be that Ch10 new in advance how poor the ratings would be?

  11. The Delta, Gurrumul duet on the voice was awfully good.Whatever you say about her, Ms Goodrem has a wonderful voice.Unfortunately the mandate of the show is to find new talent and there isn’t a whole lot of it in this bunch.Some of the judge’s song choices and arrangements didn’t help either.Having said that,I think the 2 longhairs Simon and Mitchell might have been the best of the night..maybe it was just the songs they chose;and I’m watching the show to its end.

  12. House rules seemed to have a big positive response on social media last night, I was expecting a big increase, but it looks like HR will be more of a cult show.

    neighbours doing really well, must be moved back to ten ASAP.

    The Voice, its so cringeworthy when they keep encouraging contestants to drop out of respected uni courses and dump their backup plan. such bad advise. especially people like kiyomi where graduating is important to her, that should be encouraged. its not like they are being forced into a career that makes them depressed.
    and why does Australia always fall for the middle aged, long haired, bogan, rock-tryhard act. their performances were dreadful.

  13. Disappointing numbers for The Americans. I would say a large number would be watching it in the next few days so hopefully that means more eyeballs will be prepared to watch it at 9.30 next Monday when there is not as much competition as the 8.30 slot.

  14. Really pleased that the numbers for Neighbours have been increasing over the last few months – 405,000 is a fantastic result – why on earth doesn’t Ten move it back to the main channel!

  15. If the penultimate Biggest Loser can only get those numbers, maybe Ten shouldn’t be banking on ‘event television’ as the solution to their problems.

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