Who forgot there were two endings for Celebrity Apprentice?

2013-05-07_0021Sometimes there are short memories in media.

Today, News Limited reports there were two endings filmed for The Celebrity Apprentice.

“The last two years it has been well known who wins, because the show is filmed so far in advance and people talk,” a source told the Daily Telegraph.

“In this (TV) environment there’s no time for that sort of leak.”

But of course Celebrity Apprentice has actually filmed alternate endings for the past two seasons.

Last year NineMSN leaked the ending with Dicko on the day of the finale. It was one of the year’s better blunders.

In 2011 Julia Morris told TV Tonight, “They shot 4 different endings because of Twitter and Facebook and they can’t control it. So everybody won and everybody lost. It’s so ‘Who Shot JR!’”]

“The cast don’t know, the crew don’t know. The only people who know are Channel Nine and FremantleMedia and even then I think it is locked down to an absolute skeleton staff.”

Morris had no idea who won in advance of the finale screening.

It’s also a little baffling that a Nine spokesperson told the newspaper, “One has won, but they don’t know who.

“Only Mr (Mark) Bouris and senior producers know the outcome.”

Two weeks ago Bouris told News Limited, he would not decided on the winner until the series has run its course.

“I want to watch it like viewers and see who really deserves the title at the end of the series.”

More and more it is becoming obvious that outcomes are decided on how popular contestants are with the audience, rather than being based on their actions in the series.


  1. carolemorrissey

    I watched the US version a couple of years ago because Meat Loaf was on it and the women’s team were so bitchy and nasty. Nene Leakes & Star Jones did nothing but bitch and backstab the whole time, and even nearly came to blows in front of the client and Trump.

  2. I am currently watching the US Celebrity Apprentice on Fox8, it is just so much better than the Aussie version. More clean, stylish and less fighting between contestants.

    I am not sure how long the Aussie version will last in my household.

  3. Unless they’re actors, I can’t imagine how shooting multiple endings work. MRK’s winners seemed genuine with tears and a lot of emotion that would be very difficult to fake. And there was that suspicious leak where they revealed what they would do with the money “if” they won.

    I suspect the winners are always known – this is just a way to stop leaks and muddy the truth by declaring “no one knows” as an excuse. They shoot multiple endings as insurance but the best reaction is always the first one. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they used footage from both endings too.

  4. thatsnicmeyers

    Why don’t shows like this, Masterchef and MKR film the show then wait to do a live finale; a la Survivor? It would surely save the time and money of filming four different endings.

  5. So each celebrity films a scene of themselves winning, and again of losing? What about when they present that cheque to charity? They then have to take it back? Or say it’s not for real, yet.

  6. carolemorrissey

    I always thought it was done the same as the US version and Survivor and filmed ahead, but the finale was live. That’s how it should be done.

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