2.3m watch Harrison Craig win The Voice

Ratings: Nine wins the night with its talent grand final, but it's well down on the 2012 stellar performance.

2013-06-18_10072.3m viewers tuned in to see Harrison Craig declared victor in The Voice The Winner Announced last according to overnight OzTAM data.

The bulk of the show, The Voice Grand Final, also eclipsed the 2m mark at 2.03m viewers. In the current climate those are very strong numbers, but they are a million behind the phenomenal 3.3m who watched Karise Eden win in 2012, and well down on My Kitchen Rules Winner Announced at 2.95m in April.

But they pip the Winner Announced for The Block All Stars (2.12m)  and are in the zone of where Nine was expecting the show to finish up.

Nine easily won the night with a network share of 37.4% then Seven 29.4%, ABC 16.6%, TEN 13.2% and SBS 3.4%. 

Nine’s other shows last night were The Block (1.49m), Nine News (1.35m), ACA (1.22m), Hot Seat (819,000) and Hotel Hell (649,000) which lost over 1.6m viewers from its lead-in.

House Rules put in its best numbers so far at 1.39m viewers against tough competition -an excellent result. Seven News followed with 1.3m then Today Tonight (1.12m), Home and Away (1.03m), Revenge (863,000), Deal or No Deal (538,000) and Movie: The Proposal (406,000).

ABC News (911,000) led for ABC1 then Australian Story (709,000), 7:30 (680,000), Q & A (630,000), Four Corners (589,000) and Media Watch (578,000).

TEN had a tough night with TEN News its best at 770,000. MasterChef followed with 607,000 then The Project (579,000). The Simpsons was 427,000. The Truth Is was divided into two eps at 401,000 / 327,000.  The Americans struggled on 201,000.

SBS also struggled last night with Mythbusters (206,000),  World News Australia (164,000),  Pleasure and Pain (157,000) and Trawlermen (78,000).

Today: 354,000
Sunrise: 327,000
ABC News Breakfast: 49,000 / 40,000

Nine News Now: 136,000
The Daily Edition 71,000 / 80,000 rpt

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 June 2013

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  1. @ Shelley

    You did not need to miss The Americans as it started about 9.45 which was close to the end of The Voice.

    I like TA don’t love it. I think the problem is the leads. I keep seeing Kevin from brothers and sisters and felicity from her self titled show.

    Not a patch on Claire Danes and co. But better than those numbers suggest.

  2. Never watched one second of The Voice. Revenge sliding down the ratings quickly – understandable really as the show is hard to follow and has lost the plot!! Won’t be watching next season!

  3. The highlight for me was the duet between Harrison and Seal. The rest of the show was too stretched. I think they need to have another look at the judging panel next year. I like Ricky but not as much as Keith. Never liked Ricky or Deltas new songs, too over produced, especially Delta. She is best with just her and a piano. In all, the show was a little too nice and they need to put the real back in reality.

  4. @theblueskidoo I noticed that too.

    Also agree with Julian, Wasn’t overly impressed with the showdowns this year, and the iTunes charts pretty much tells you who the winner is going to be.

  5. Started losing interest during this season of the voice. I put this down to a few factors:
    The constant praise from the judges became tiresome. The lack of constructive criticism. Some baffling song choices. Constant back stories( Harrison can sing but I challenge whether he had won if he didn’t stutter). Constant padding in shows- how many times do we need to be reminded about the life story? 8 x 90 second performances in 2 hrs is really stretching it.

    I have a suggestion to make next season better: have the public vote on song choices, have some genre focused nights, some duets, more live finals, more performances and less padding!

  6. @JB the winner single was released at the end of the night…Blurred Lines has been out for ages and Delta/Ricky’s were released yesterday morning. Harrison’s song is starting to get up there now.

    Disappointing result for The Voice but was expected as the lead up had lower numbers this year. The results are so predictable though looking at iTunes. And I really didn’t like the showdowns rounds they added – would be better to run the live finals two nights a week and 1.5hr episodes rather than the 2hr+ episodes they currently run.

  7. Hardly huge ratings for the finale, i’m sure Nine were hoping for more considering what it got last year.

    And you know what’s funny. Blurred Lines is still #1 on iTunes. Everyone saw him perform on The Voice and downloaded it, rather than the winner’s song. Ricky and Delta are #2 & #3 ahead of the winner too.

    Great numbers for House Rules.

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