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2013-06-27_1235The Comedy Channel will premiere US comedy Legit next month, the show that stars Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.

The 13-part series was co-created by Jim Jefferies and Peter O’Fallon. It also features Dan Bakkedahl (Veep) as Steve Nugent, and DJ Qualls (Road Trip, Memphis Beat) as Billy Nugent.

A second season of the series is already confirmed.

Legit tells the story of Jim Jefferies as essentially a fictionalised version of himself. Jim is an edgy, foul-mouthed comic from Australia in his mid-30s living in Los Angeles and struggling to make his life and career more “legitimate” – a goal he finds an uphill struggle every step of the way.

Supporting Jim in his quest for personal betterment is neurotic best friend and roommate Steve, a cyberlaw library salesman struggling to stay on his feet following a divorce, and Steve’s brother Billy, who has to use a wheelchair because of advanced-stage muscular dystrophy.

When asked about the idea behind Legit Jefferies said, “I always thought money and achievement would make me a more legitimate person, where my family seems to think it’s all about actions. So the idea behind the show is a fairly morally corrupt person trying to do good… It’s just trying to live your life in a pretty decent way, while still holding onto fun.”

Thursdays from July 25 at 8.30pm on Comedy.

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  1. I kinda get the feeling that not only have I seen this show before but that I have also seen the promo’s.

    huge sense of deja vu,

    either way it looks like crap.

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