Hugh Laurie to star in new HBO sci-fi comedy

Avenue 5 reunites Hugh Laurie with Veep creator Armando Iannucci.

Ex-House star Hugh Laurie will star in a new HBO sci-fi comedy pilot Avenue 5.

The series reunites him with Veep creator Armando Iannucci. Laurie appeared on the series since 2015.

Little is known about the series other than it is “a comedy, set in the future, mostly in space.” Shooting will take place in London.

Laurie will play Ryan Clark, “the charming and in-control American Captain of Avenue 5.”

Laurie has recently been seen on The Night Manager and Chance, the latter of which was cancelled earlier this year after two seasons.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Sci-fi comedy with the creator of Veep? Sounds pretty interesting to me! I thought The Night Manager was great, but I really struggled with Chance, I wanted to like it but it was so dense and uninteresting that I gave up in the end.

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