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2013-06-24_1228Seven has confirmed its new reality contest The Mole, will premiere on Tuesday July 2 at 7.30pm.

Hosted by rising star Shura Taft, the show will also screen at 7:30pm Wednesday and 8pm Thursday night next week.

Returning to TV for the first time since 2005, the worldwide reality hit features 12 Australians from all corners of the country competing for a prize of up to $250,000. Blindfolded and dropped in the middle of an isolated coastline, they must find their way out. And all they know is that someone in their ranks is ‘The Mole’ – an individual planted in the team to sabotage their every move.

The Mole’s job is to create confusion and use whatever means possible to stop the group winning money – while remaining undetected along the way. For everyone else, uncovering The Mole’s identity is the only way to survive, and to have a shot at winning the money.

The unique reality format creates unprecedented tension and conflict between contestants in a game of double-cross, dirty tricks and dishonesty. And the question is the same for contestants and viewers alike: Who is The Mole?

“It could be something as small as a blink or a smirk that could reveal The Mole,” says host Shura Taft. “The appeal of The Mole is that it’s a game the audience can feel a part of not only because of the exciting challenges but the psychological aspect drawing the viewer into the mystery of working out who’s the Mole.”

“The fact one of the contestants is actually trying to sabotage what the others are trying to achieve is fantastic intrigue.”

7:30pm Tuesday July 2nd on Seven.


  1. @Guy : My thoughts exactly. Super excited that this show is back but so desperately want 7 to get the scheduling (and the content) right to make it work as good as the golden days of Bowler.

  2. Three nights a week is overkill. Having followed spoilers and read the presskit for this show, I’m still yet to see anything that makes me think this won’t be a disaster – which is ridiculous, because it’s The Mole. Doing this show properly should be child’s play. The sad thing is if the show works Seven won’t see the need to fix all the mistakes they’ve made, but if it fails it won’t come back (and will likely be gone for good).

  3. @mintox

    Sounds more like 9… Big Brother, Australia’s Got Talent, The Block, endless re-runs of 2.5 Men and Big Bang… the true champions of dumbing down the nation!

  4. Funny you should mention that Mintox! I heard Seven were looking at bringing back Minute To Win It. Seriously. Maybe Grant Denyer can host that one as well.

  5. Yest another case of 7 serving the nation luke warm re-fried TV. No flavour, no passion and well past its use by date. Next thing you know, they’ll be bringing back Minute to Win It!

  6. Loved The Mole, minus last season. But the ads have been shocking and not grabbed me at all. Will give it a go. Would have preferred Amazing Race back though.

  7. Love The Mole, though 3 nights a week is a bit much. Still I’ll watch it. I presume they want to “move” a few episodes to get ready for The X-Factor.

  8. To all those complaining! Times have changed, networks feel the need to over saturate the schedule with reality shows! I too would prefer a show once a week, twice maximum. I chose to only watch HR on Mon and Tues. I was not being dictated by networks, same with the Block room reveal, I will not watch it tonight for their score reveal!

  9. Yay but 3 nights a week is a bit too much. Let’s hope its for the first week.
    Nonetheless looking forward to it. Was a bit young to remember the first few series of the Mole.
    Will be interesting to see how Shura Taft goes as host, given that he is unproven as a prime time host.

  10. I think The Mole will do well with younger demos, and will be especially popular on Twitter (I don’t think Twitter was around last time The Mole aired)

  11. No!! Stupid decision, I do not have time to invest three nights per week at differing times to watch this. I will have to PVR it and try to catch up before seeing spoilers. Once a week like it was previously is much better, but now it will be dragged out with so many recaps and coming up cut aways just to get more ratings.

  12. @James

    House Rules airs next Sunday at 7:30pm before having its finale next Monday. The gardens are a one week thing.

    I love The Mole and glad its back but i keep wondering was it at the expense of The Amazing Race Australia and that is the show i wanted. None the less looking forward to this but 3 nights a week? Are Seven crazy or is this just for the first week?

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