Natasha Exelby apologises after giggling through news tragedy

TEN says a newsreader giggling through a news tragedy was " totally unacceptable."

2013-06-22_1849TEN News presenter Natasha Exelby has apologised after giggling through a TEN Late News report after having been distracted by an off-camera moment.

But unfortunately for Exelby the report included news reports on violent riots in Brazil, in which 1 person was killed, and worse, a story on an Indian building collapse in which 10 people were killed including 5 children.

At the end of the bulletin Exelby apologised on air saying, “I just wanted to apologise. I got a case of the giggles a little bit earlier while reading some very serious news and if I have offended anyone I am sincerely sorry.”

The moment was apparently caused by presenter Matt Doran teasing Irish developer Allan Dixon about finding an Aussie wife, and having a suntan with Exelby.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight she has been upset ever since the incident.

“There is no excusing Natasha’s behaviour. TEN regards it as totally unacceptable. Although it was a genuine mistake, Natasha is appalled by her behaviour and upset. She sincerely apologises to all viewers,” they said.

She also apologised to individual tweets telling one outraged viewer, “Your comment is more than fair. I sincerely apologise.”

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  1. Can we please not crusify this wonderful and intelligent woman. I think people in this day and age seem to over react to when ever a public person doesnt react like they should to a story like the one in the Brazil. Natasha is ausome on the Project and on TEN News. She unfortunetly made a blunder and she feels like crap, i dont think further negative comments from anyone will help make this better. Lets just move on from this.

  2. I was watching at the time. Matt Doran is as much at fault as Natasha and the producer. The joke was obviously preconceived and they were more intent on delivering the punch line throughout the entire segment that preceded the news headings.

    I like Natasha on shows like The Project where it’s less formal but she really is an ordinary newsreader. People have commented that Sandra used to often get the giggles. Yes she did, and if anything viewers found it endearing. The major difference is she would get the giggles during the weather, not when reading about multiple deaths.

    As for Ten Late News it is a rabble of a program. The hosts are full of their own self importance, Hamish ummmms and arghssss repeatedly and is blatantly rude to any guest he doesn’t agree with.

    I would have loved to of seen Sandra hosting this new format. She would have made it a huge success because as has been stated many viewers watched for one reason… her.

    Good to see Ten using her in a national capacity again on Wanted.

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