Nine, ABC News 24, SKY score on big night of TV

2013-06-27_1008It was such a messy night of television that OzTAM Overnight data doesn’t yet reflect what actually went to air but there are still ways to see where some of the viewers went.

Sport won over politics with State of Origin match scoring 2.23m viewers for Nine. Given that Nine had the broadcast on air from about 7:45 it’s a pretty fair bet that this match number is close to being accurate. And on any given day that’s a sensational number.

Looking at network shares also shows us where audiences went. Nine dominated from 6pm through until the end of Origin. 

Nine had 39.4% then ABC 22.7%, Seven 22.1%, TEN 13.3% and SBS 2.5%.

Nine’s political coverage from 6:30pm is understood to have been the leader averaging 1.48m viewers.

But ABC also had big numbers watching with its coverage from 7pm with the network coming second for the night, including a 5.9% share for ABC News 24.

SKY News, which scored the Gillard ballot announcement, completely dominated in Pay TV.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 26 June 2013


  1. As mentioned I was very happy with the ABC News 24 and/or ABC1 coverage. I’ll also admit to flicking over briefly to other channels too. Although I wonder if ABC News 24 ever did decide to have sensible start times how many more viewers they could get. I’ll acknowledge it won’t be as high as last night. Plus they won’t do it because I probably have annoyed them too much also it will take time and money to arrange.

  2. Here’s a question, David, is it possible to get a ‘snapshot’ of the percentages for each channel/state at the moment the result was announced? ie 5:54 WST, 7:24 CST, 7:54 EST?

  3. Bogues, actually News24 was the one that switched away from ABC1 halfway through Lateline in order to take Abbott’s press conference & then continue on with leadership coverage until 1am (AEST).

  4. Been a long time since ABC were #2 for a night. Those numbers are massive for them, and they deserve it. With a tad over 20% for ABC1 and ABC News 24 combined, that equates to one in five people watching their coverage at any time.

    AFAIK, there was only ten minutes (at around 7:10pm) where ABC1 didn’t simulcast ABC News 24 until just after 11:15pm

  5. I had a great night catching up on Rafters, A Place to Call Home and Arrow! Such a great night I am glad I was able to catch up on my shows without missing newly aired shows 🙂

  6. I think we can all agree the best part of last night was watching TV presenters try to throw to packages that weren’t ready or correspondents that weren’t there. So deliciously awkward.

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