2.8m watch The Block: The Winner Announced

Ratings: The Block goes out with a bang as Nine nabs its biggest audience for the year.

2013-07-28_2059The Block finale has pulled Nine’s biggest audience of the year.

Nine strategically divided its Block finale into not 2 but 3 titles, to ensure the highest-possible audience figures for the show.

As a result they have netted 2.8m viewers in Overnight figures for “The Winner Announced” -the second-highest rating for any 2013 show. In Melbourne there were 930,000 watching with 814,000 in Sydney. “The Auctions” which roughly from 8pm onwards was 2.6m while “Grand Final” from around 6:30-8pm was 2.13m. Nine is already claiming The Winner Announced will be adjusted to 3.075m.

However you divvy it up, Nine thumped the competition last night.

Nine network share was 40.7% then Seven 25.6%, TEN 15.4%, ABC 14.2% and SBS 4.0%.

Underbelly: Squizzy’s double episode was also divided into two halves, oddly titled “Launch” (1.68m) and “Episode 1” (1.15m), which would logically have been episode two. The Launch numbers are yet to be adjusted and presumably include overruns from The Block. Elsewhere Nine News was 1.54m and CSI: Miami was 436,000.

Seven News (1.43m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.07m), Highway Patrol (821,000 / 810,000), Bones (771,000) and Castle (642,000 / 403,000).

In the face of tough competition TEN had a disappointing night. MasterChef Australia was best at 606,000 then Ripper Street (579,000), TEN News (544,000), Modern Family (444,000 / 391,000), The Simpsons (335,000), and Formula One 293,000 in 3 cities.

Grand Designs (890,000) was strategically moved to a 7:40pm start to avoid viewers switching off before Time of Our Lives. ABC News was 807,000. Dream Build, brought forward to 7:30pm was 757,000. Time of Our Lives was 752,000 -a good result given the heated competition. Compass was 460,000 and First Footprints was 324,000.

The Valley of the Kings (309,000) topped SBS ONE then World News Australia (201,000), The Observer Effect (133,000) and a 9:30pm Better Man repeat was just 62,000 -unlike Squizzy it was averaged over 2 episodes.

Shaun The Sheep was best on multichannels at 309,000.

Insiders: 204,000 / 74,000 / 31,000
Bolt Report: 202,000 / 94,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 28 July 2013

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  1. Congratulations Nine and I’m glad Seven did what it did Sunday as well as Ten even if anybody is disappointed.

    I want to thank ABC2 for the David Bowie documentary. Although the full enjoyment of it was made incomplete by the pop-up. So the message is don’t watch ABC2 a lot either. I’m grateful though the other crazy crap didn’t show up however.

    I also want to thank SBS News for no crazy advertising schemes. Thank you very much although I will admit to being stressed by the possibility. I don’t think I’ll be able to take it if they show up again. I’m also glad the viewers proved they were unnecessary. Plus I really did like the ad during the ad breaks this week for The Observer Effect.

  2. Ten was hoping that Ripper Street, a quality BBC show, would take viewers away from the ABC on Sunday nights. And it failed to do that. TOOL is local drama and viewers are now invested in the characters and story. And of course it was fairly predictable that Ten would be repeating it several times, plus there is timeshifting and online viewing so people didn’t have to watch it last night.

    I doubt Ripper St would appeal to Under The Dome viewers much and nothing rates very well these days at at 9:36pm, especially when it wouldn’t finish till 10:50pm.

    Looking on the bright sideTen held their third place on Sunday nights ahead of the ABC and Elementary had only been rating 650k.

    Seven screening Bones on Thursday and building its numbers back up to 800k there seems to have worked. It rated 100k more than I would have expected, though still 40% down on A Place To Call Home.

  3. I recall ten made another stupid decision a few months back, running a premiere of something new on the finale of something big on one of the other channels …..once again …… they’ve made the same mistake again!!!!! …….

    When will you learn from your mistakes ten? when the shareholders stop being so lenient with you?

  4. Sadly the ABC seems to have been playing silly buggers with the Dream Build starting time before Grand Designs for a few weeks now, and it has been frustrating juggling the end of Seven’s Sunday Night and the odd times of Dream Build, so it appears even the ABC doesn’t give a stuff for viewers and regardless what impact it has on faithful viewers.

  5. I think Squizzy will drop off quickly, similar to last year. Bones and Castle probably belong on the less competitive Thursday nights. Ten probably should have held off another week before launching Ripper Street.

  6. Find it interesting that The Advertiser shows different ratings figures. They show 4.297 million watched the twins win. They use the adjusted figure of 3.075 that 9 claims it will be adjusted to plus regional ratings to take it past the 4 million mark.

    They also show different figures for Squizzy, at 1.528 million/1.087 million. Less than those listed here.

    And then they use the exact same figures as here for Ripper Street and MC. Talk about confusing. That’s why I always get the ratings from here. The most accurate reporting.

  7. I was a little bit underwelmed by Squizzy I don’t know why exactly perhaps it is the supporting characters are a bit bland, will give it another go.

    Jared as Squizzy is great and I enjoy the period setting as I did with Razor but there is something missing for me.

  8. Nine have managed to extract the last drop of energy from the UB franchise but really it’s time to be inspired by overseas series like The Killing, The Bridge and even Ray Donovan and aim for some complexity in both characters and stories. The audience has seen these shows and is demanding FTA lift its game in this genre – then we’ll watch. I was a little bemused by the competing period dramas on 9 and 10 last night and thought they were flawed in their own ways. Why are all the networks not commissioning contemporary crime drama I wonder?

  9. Ten made a big mistake positioning Ripper Street as an Elementary replacement IMO. Tuesday 9:30 with the strong Under the Dome lead in would have been a better spot for it.

    Tonight’s figures are going to be extremely interesting…

  10. It seems like Underbelly has lost its grit, which was the main appeal in the first place.

    When I saw the pic of the real Squizzy Taylor and compared it to promos of Jared, my first thought was, why is he smiling so much?

  11. Ripper Street was a flop but next Sunday will be a better indication with no Block finale to contend with.

    I would not have premiered a new series on the same night as Nine’s offerings.

  12. I noticed the ABC did that with Grand Designs last week putting Dream Build on before it, I thought it must have had something to do with Time of Our Lives (next the ABC News Update in between will go).

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