2013 Mid Year Report Card

Four students have improved their performance at the expense of one in the Class of 2013.

gradesNow that the first half of the year (Weeks 7 – 28) are behind us, it’s time to take a look at how well our 5 Free to Air pupils are performing in the Class of 2013.

The classroom has divided into two cliques. On one side of the room are alpha-male pupils Seven and Nine both spending a lot of time looking over each other’s performance sometimes at the expense of their own work. But they have each turned in some excellent projects that has dazzled the rest of the class. If only it wasn’t necessary to take a big ruler to separate them so often.

Hip student TEN has been unable to keep up with Seven and Nine and instead moved across to the other side of the room with ABC1. The latter is this year’s most improved-pupil, improving significantly on the first half of 2012 without the constant need to crow about it.

SBS ONE remains seated down the back of the class with a handful of achievements and could improve by moving up to the front with more original work.

This year four students have improved their performance at the expense of TEN, who last week gave an encouraging class presentation about their plans for the second half of the year.

More seriously, Seven has won 15 weeks in Total People to Nine’s 5 in the first half of the year. Nine did chalk up 6 weeks in overnight results but lost one to Seven in Timeshifting. Yet Nine is leading in the key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Here are their report cards for the weeks 7 – 28 based on the way primary channel shows resonated with audiences in proportion to each network’s overall audience footprint.

Please note that as some shows only had 1 episode during this period their series performance has not yet been put into context (ie. Gap Year, Bakeoff, Winners and Losers, Broadchurch). Some shows have seen some strong individual episodes but have lost considerable ground compared to last year (ie. Seven News, MasterChef, Celebrity Apprentice,).

Weeks won in Total People: 15
Total People: 31.1
25-54: 30.5
18-49: 30.5
16-39: 30.6
My Kitchen Rules,
Sunday Night,
A Place to Call Home,
Downton Abbey,
House Rules,
Packed to the Rafters,
The Morning Show,
Better Homes and Gardens,
The Force

Weeks won in Total People: 5
Total People: 29.2
25-54: 32.4
18-49: 32.9
16-39: 33.8
Nine News,
The Block: All Stars,
The Block: Skyhigh,
The Voice,
House Husbands,
The Big Bang Theory,
State of Origin,
Hot Seat,
60 Minutes,
A Current Affair,
Logie Awards,
The Footy Show (AFL)

Weeks won in Total People: 0
Total People: 17.4
25-54: 12.0
18-49: 11.0
16-39: 9.7
ABC News,
The Doctor Blake Mysteries,
Australian Story,
Whitlam: The Power and the Passion,
Paper Giants: Magazine Wars,
The Agony of Life,
Grand Designs,
Doctor Who,
Our Queen,
Death in Paradise,
The Checkout,
DCI Banks,

Death in Paradise,
David Attenborough’s Galapagos,
Inspector George Gently,
Last Tango In Halifax,

Weeks won in Total People: 0
Total People: 5.4
25-54: 4.9
18-49: 4.6
16-39: 4.1
FIFA WCQ: Aus v Iraq,
Tour de France,
Who Do You Think You Are?,
Eurovision Song Contest,
Gourmet Farmer,
Treasures of Ancient Rome,

Weeks won in Total People: 0
Total People: 16.9
25-54: 20.2
18-49: 21.0
16-39: 21.6
Under the Dome,
TEN News,
Australian Grand Prix,
Rugby: Lions Tour of Australia,
David Attenborough’s Africa,

The Bold & the Beautiful.

Network shares: Consolidated (Weeks 7- 27) excl Easter. Overnight (Week 28).

12 Responses

  1. I think Samantha Armytage should be doing more stories for Sunday Night or just be the lead News Anchor. She is ok on the Weekend Edition of Sunrise but not the Weekday odd. I personally like her and think her comments are relevant and not stupid. If Samantha has to come down to the viewers level then that gives you an idea of the sort of viewers they have. She should do more meaningful work on Seven.

  2. looks like you have really struggled to put together even a short list of hit shows from ten.

    looking at those year to dates, ten have really fallen behind in the demos. When ten were widely considered in the douldrums in 2008 with an ailing BB and idol they still won 16-39 and were competitive in 18-49, now they would be dreaming of those figures.

  3. Ten is improving, but has a long way to go, I have a feeling they will need more than an early morning Wake Up to revive the network. Hopefully they can improve and start 2014 on the right note.

  4. Network Seven may be showing some signs of concern though, given some of the resurrections and reappearance of some yesteryear stars that are creeping back in, has the key been turned in the vault door housing the ‘ what worked before archives’ ?

    Has there been a brainstorming session held, with all suggestions written up on the reverse side of the “ROS WALL”?
    Especially as it looks like the Samantha/Kochie combo seems to be doomed for a fail on Sunrise, sadly becoming more apparent the harder Samantha tries to come down to our level and engage with us, and understand less privileged viewers lifestyles, who unlike Network Seven can not afford to buy that much needed New Broom.

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