Mad as Hell “definitely returning”

2013-04-16_1933Good news for Shaun Micallef fans…

It’s not official yet, but TV Tonight has it on very good authority Mad as Hell will indeed return to ABC1 in 2014 (you heard it here first!).

No word on a second season for Mr. & Mrs Murder which is probably a long-shot.

TEN has a winter launch in 2 weeks time but it isn’t likely to be spinning much about 2014 content. Unless it’s Sochi Olympics.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, they’re missing an opportunity not having it on during the election. Even the Chaser had some specials leading up to the last election. Wonder if they’ll do that again.

  2. Yippee!!!

    Shame its not back on before the next election, that way He could show Network 7 and their so called unbiased ‘ Truth-A-Meter’ what Unbiased and True Facts actually mean.

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