No more bloody ABBA…

2013-07-17_0925Australia’s dose of ABBA docos appears to be over after Seven’s special ABBA: Dancing Queen pulled 684,000 viewers last night, fourth in its timeslot. It follows plenty of the Swedish band thrust at us recently on ABC, Seven and Nine.

As a result it dragged down Winners and Losers to third in its timeslot.

Tuesday night was another winner for Nine.

Nine network share was 32.5%, Seven 25.1%, TEN 18.5%, ABC 17.4% and SBS 6.5%.

The Block topped the night with 1.39m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.35m), A Current Affair (1.1m), The Great Australian Bakeoff held firm at 1.09m, The Bible was second in its timeslot at 880,000 / 793,000, Hot Seat was 744,000.

Seven News was 1.26m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.08m) and Home and Away was 958,000. Winners and Losers was third in its timeslot at 867,000 which was unaided by the low lead-in from ABBA: Dancing Queen (684,000). How I Met Your Mother was 556,000 / 458,000 and Deal or No Deal was 510,000.

Under The Dome remains a winner for TEN at 900,000 viewers. Masterchef (719,000) followed then TEN News (713,000), The Project (590,000), NCIS: LA (550,000). The Simpsons was 341,000.

ABC News (965,000) topped ABC1 then New Tricks (807,000), 7:30 (768,000), Kitchen Cabinet (713,000), At the Movies (450,000) and Restoration Man (339,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? (243,000) was best for SBS ONE followed by Insight (213,000), Tour de France (197,000) and World News Australia (187,000).

Big Bang Theory was best on multichannels at 388,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 16 July 2013


  1. Great result given all the ABBA shows this year, Bang A Boomerang, Sunday Night Part 1 and 2, Agnetha Before and After plus the repeat on Gem. In this day of disgital chanelling, pay tv and the internet, getting almost 700,000 viewers in nothing to be sneezed at. I noticed ABBA Gold moving up the charts again today along with Agnetha’s already successful album.

  2. I feel like BB, TGAB and TB will flop hard due to X Factor, Winners and Losers and UTD. If BB fails then the rest will fail as a result, because they might have a poor lead in

  3. muscledude_oz

    I didn’t even know the ABBA special was on. The promo didn’t look promising – “unseen footage from the Dancing Queen shoot”. And to give away one of the story lines in The Bible – Adam and Eve get kicked out of the Garden of Eden. There is also a scene where Noah builds an Ark but don’t ask where he found polar bears for it in the Middle East.

  4. mode please edit to include:
    Maybe Abba doco didn’t rate well because alot of people didn’t know it was going to be on, i didn’t see any promos for it on during shows like Sunday Night who did a report on them not long ago, a perfect opportunity to promote the doco.

  5. Haven’t watched this yet so won’t comment on if it was good or not, but agree with others on not blaming the lead in, if people really like a show they will watch it regardless of what is on before it.

  6. The Dome has been a disappointment to myself too. I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the characters or simply the lack of focus on the dome itself that bothers me the most.

    I watched a bit of the ABBA thing and really I thought it was just the same old same old. Yep we all know, it rained for the Sydney show, we don’t need to be reminded with every ABBA doco! How about some new material next time…

  7. I also have given up on Dome.

    I mean, this friggin great thing appears out of nowhere, is indestructible and cuts cows in half and all the script writers can come up with is “does Bobby know Jim is pregnant to Fred’s mother?” Who gives a ratz? What about the dome?

  8. The Winners & Losers numbers may be low, wouldnt call it a flop as yet, has a loyal base. Compared to TEN’s Offspring, it rates better…

  9. Glad to see Seven got the response they deserved to such a lazy programming choice. And yes W&L has been commissioned for one season too many – another lazy decision. Seven could do with a sassier, edgier, tougher drama in the mix – their offerings are looking a bit soft and melodramatic.

  10. Just watched the Abba special (got to love a sickie) wasn’t too bad for nostalgia.

    Agree with the comments that Winners and Losers should be able to rise above a poor lead in. Show is average.

  11. Winners and Losers is a flopping. Blame the lead in, but An established Aussie drama should be able to pull good numbers regardless if if we’re a true hit.

  12. What was the alternative to Dancing Queen, yet another episode of Border Security?

    The Mole tanked leaving Seven with a big problem. Ten spending millions more on Masterchef and getting 35k more viewers for their flagship show is a bigger problem though.

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