Renewed: Please Like Me

5plmJosh Thomas’ comedy Please Like Me will have a second season, to be co-produced by the ABC and new US network Pivot.

Pivot has announced its investment into a second season ahead of the first season premiering in August, including series marathons for binge-watching and On Demand.

Thomas said: “I’m so happy that we get to make a second season of Please Like Me. I have loads of ideas for season two and I think it’ll be super fun. The whole Pivot line-up is great and I’m excited that they’ve trusted me with their money. I hope I don’t spoil everything with my ideas and mediocre face, which is currently ruining the days of thousands of bus commuters all over America.”

Evan Shapiro, President of Pivot added, “Everyone who sees Please Like Me falls in love with Josh and this series because it’s a hysterical, authentic snap shot of a quarter life crisis in the 21st Century. Josh is a true star in the making, with an original voice that is perfect for Pivot and our audience. We are enormously excited to bring his awkward genius to the world and to be producing a second season with him, his cast and the Australian Broadcast Network.”

Please Like Me screened on ABC2 earlier this year to critical acclaim and was selected for the Series Mania TV Festival in France.

The series was created and written by Josh Thomas, produced by Todd Abbott and directed by Matthew Saville. Executive Producers are Josh Thomas, Todd Abbott and Kevin Whyte.


  1. @Stan – Josh Thomas obviously watches The Big Bang Theory too, given that he likes to, erm, borrow jokes from it.

    Don’t knock TBBT – ten times as many people watch it as did those who watched Please Like Me.

  2. I don’t have anything against Josh, but as he’s a professional comedian, I really do wish he’d put some actual, erm, jokes in his TV show. What few jokes there were in Please Like Me were recycled from The Big Bang Theory or taken straight from joke websites. The one thing he did get right with PLM was to not have any bogan humour involving bodily functions. Can’t recall the last time I saw an ABC comedy that didn’t have that sort of crassness.

  3. I’m so pleased! I’m a big Josh fan and I also really loved this show, it hit the mark for me in so many ways.

    @joshs – thank you for your thoughtful comment. I wish more people would be like this, just because you don’t like something isn’t a reason not to be decent and wish someone well. 🙂

  4. I hope they know what they are doing. I thought the final scene with just josh, his mum and John was really meaningful and would be a fitting end to a series as a single season show. There is a high shark jumping risk going forward.

  5. I’ll be watching the second season.

    The first season was a little rough around the edges, but really came together well towards the end.

  6. Really happy about this news. Please Like Me is one of my favourite shows to air on TV this year, with one of the best performances on TV this year (Debra Lawrance as Josh’s mum). Hopefully the ABC realises they’ve got something special in this show and moves it to their primary channel (although I’m really not holding my breath – this is the channel that considered Wednesday Night Fever worthy of ever actually making it to air).

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