Returning: 31 Questions

Anthony McCormack, David M. Green and Sophie LoughranIt has possibly the lowest budget of any TV show on the telly, but that won’t deter enthusiastic Channel 31 host David M. Green from bringing back his no-frills quiz show 31 Questions.

Joined by Anthony McCormack and Sophie Loughran the simple premise sees two contestants tackle general knowledge and pop culture questions for “fabulous” prizes. Guests last year included game show icons Andrew O’Keefe, Glenn Ridge and Pete Smith joined us on the show last year

Assisted by RMITV Student Television, Season 1 aired last year on community TV channels in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and “the whole of New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world via You Tube.”  Go, David.

This season includes guests John Blackman, Dan Ilic, Alex Williamson and Dicky Knee.

The first of seven new episodes airs on C31 Melbourne & Geelong 8.30PM Saturday 27 July and returns to TVS in Sydney Thursdays 9.30pm from August 15.

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