Returning: The True Story

Leonard Nimoy discusses the inspiration for Star Trek in this fascinating doco compendium.

2013-07-17_2341ABC2 resumes documentary series The True Story next week looking at the source of film and television and whether they were stories purely of fiction, or are they based on fact?

The fifth season uncovers the actual characters behind Die Hard 4.0, Scream, Platoon and The Da Vinci Code – with the first episode examining Star Trek (pretty sure we can rule that one as fiction…..!).

Since it first hit the small screen in 1966, Star Trek has earned itself an unprecedented number of dedicated fans worldwide. Featuring an interview with actor Leonard Nimoy, this episode explores how the original series and the first film were inspired by three key factors: the Cold War, the racial inequalities dividing America in the 1950s and ’60s and the huge leaps in scientific understanding which made space travel a real possibility for the first time. The episode also reveals the impact the series has had on the world – incredibly much of the fantasy technology had its basis in scientific fact and went on to inspire the physicists and engineers of the future.

7:30pm Saturday, 27 July ABC2

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