Seven adds X Factor to Sundays

If you were a cynic you might accuse Seven of a sneaky programming move.

2013-07-30_0001If you were a cynic you might accuse Seven of a sneaky programming move, after it has added The X Factor to 6:30pm Sunday night this coming weekend -the very same timeslot where Nine will premiere Australia’s Got Talent a week later.

But all’s fair in love, war and TV programming, right?

It will be followed by the second Anh Does Britain special at 7:40pm then Bones and Castle at 8:40 / 9:40pm respectively.

Nine has a Domestic Blitz special this Sunday so Seven is strategically trying to stitch up the Reality talent audience before AGT gets underway.

X Factor continues 7:30 Monday and Tuesday (corrected).

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  1. 9 should do a red herring and delay AGT until after X factor auditions, so they can sneak it in possibly on a Tuesday or a Wednesday

    Similar to the tactic with UnderBelly Razor when they pushed it from like july to the block 2011 finale

  2. What about Sunday Night? That is a successful show for Seven I think if they are going to have X Factor at 6.30 they should move SN to 7.30 and get rid of Anh does Britain whatever that is.

  3. Its a smart move to get a jump on AGT, and I think Seven may seriously consider having live shows on Sundays this year. Nine will have a fairly competitive Monday lineup with BB evictions and Hamish and Andy which they would want to avoid. The only downfall for Seven would be no Tuesday show to give Winners and Losers a lead in.

  4. Nine are the ones doing the sneaky programming! They’ve got ads everywhere that simply state “AGT, 6:30 Sundays” to try and trick families into watching Domestic Blitz this week ahead of next week’s launch.

    I think it’s quite a clever move by Seven to try and catch viewers who are flicking around having expected to watch AGT.

  5. To anyone that has ever questioned why Australian commercial nets don’t do american style months-in-advance scheduling announcements here is your answer. AGT made a rare move of putting Sunday 6:30 on bus shelters weeks ago, gave 7 an opportunity to react and now it could blow up in their face.

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