Still to come in 2013

Halfway through the year but there's still plenty more to come.

2013-07-09_2347Halfway through the year but there is still plenty to look forward to from networks.

There are still some big local dramas and reality shows to come and from September networks will also be able to fast-track new and returning US shows.

If you want to know more about any of these shows, try clicking on the show’s Tag or do a search.

Please note this list is not complete.

Serangoon Road,
Janet King,
The Gods of Wheat Street,
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,
The Broken Shore,
It’s a Date,
(Untitled Chris Lilley project)
Upper Middle Bogan,
Redesign My Brain,
William’s Big Twitch,
First Footprints,
Audrey’s Kitchen,
Gruen Nation,
New Tricks,
Don’t Be Afraid of the Darkies,
Opening Shot,
Top Boy,
Nowhere Boys (formerly Lost Boys),
The Flamin’ Thongs,
The Annoying Orange,
Prank Patrol Road Trip,
Blue Kangaroo,
Room on the Broom,

Delayed to 2014: Spicks and Specks

Zero Hour,
Mr. Selfridge,
The X Factor,
Dancing with the Stars,
Surveillance Oz,
The Black List,
Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS,
Cosentino (specials),
Anh Does Britain,
Coastwatch Australia,
Formal Wars,
Young Dumb and Living off Mum,
Please Marry My Boy,
Beauty & The Geek Australia,
Hotel Secrets,
30 Rock,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cancelled: Australia’s Got Talent

Australia’s Got Talent,
Underbelly: Squizzy,
Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story,
The Taste,
Love Child,
Big Brother,
The Bible,

Cancelled: Return to Eden

Puberty Blues,
Recipe to Riches,
This Week Live,
A League of Their Own,
Ripper Street,  (pictured)
Shock of the Now,
The Bachelor,
Come Date with Me,
Secret & Lies: The Track,
New Girl,
Mako: Island of Secrets,

(Untitled morning project),
(Untitled breakfast project),

Better Man,
On Death Row,
The Bridge,
South Park,
Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl,
The Network,
Welcome to Puntland,
Surgery Ship,
Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World,
Destination Flavour,
Thai Street Food,
Movie Mayhem with Marc Fennell
The Killing
Masters of Sex

Cronulla Riots (online)

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  1. I look forward to Doctor Who. Although am afraid will they continue with the off-putting stuff at the end. Because of that I think I might also watch Phryne Fisher on DVD as well.

    I’m interested in Power Games and Batavia. I’m curious about some of Seven’s shows. Hasn’t Zero Hour been cancelled?

    I hope SBS puts Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World on Sunday when The Observer Effect has ended its run sometime. I hope I can watch it. I love science documentaries.

    @ D@GP

    I’m guessing you were mainly joking about Nine and The Bible. But I did see an ad for it tonight during The Ashes and it’ll be on next Tuesday at 9pm on Nine. According to the EPG they’ll play two episodes. I was curious about this but will be watching and enjoying Person of Interest.

  2. Australia needs to pick better choices when it comes to programs im glad agent shield is on 7(they probably screw it up)im glad 9 got hostages that looks interesting but im surprised ten didn’t pick up some comedies or more hopefully I cant wait to watch a show called the crazy ones starring robin Williams and sarah Michele Gellar hopefully ten picks it up cant wait to see the full list but less Australian programs & less Australian reality shows more great American programming

  3. With The Mole bumped, hopefully X-Factor is brought up! Luke Jacobz has tweeted photos with will.i.am, Jon Bn Jovi and Kelly Osbourne, suggesting they’re involved in picking the final contestants that go through to the live shows.

  4. ‘Crisis’ and ‘Friends with Better Lives’ on Ten’s list won’t be airing in the US until 2014, so they almost definitely won’t air here this year.

  5. Yeah Ncis begins in the US 24th sep 2013 so we will def see that one coming back and modern family starts 25th sep and so does Law and order svu season 15- which I can’t wait to see!

  6. Looking at that list, I’m very glad I have Foxtel, despite the ads and ripoff price.
    Also of course having a computer and internet access helps!

  7. @Vinny
    True but they need to fill it with content that will seem them through to the end of the year. Eleven’s schedule is filled up but there a lot of season finale on the channel and I wonder what they are going to fill it with

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