Sunday the right time for Time of our Lives

tlivThe recent three-way local drama battle on Sunday nights will now be a two-way battle as ABC’s Time of our Lives faces off against Underbelly: Squizzy this weekend.

Asked whether she thought the triple threat was a fair fight, Justine Clarke told TV Tonight, “I think it would be great if it didn’t have to go up against similar kinds of programmes but I actually think Sunday night is a good spot for it,” she said.

“It’s just unfortunate timing and every week it’s been a little bit like that for us.

“We just can’t compete with commercial networks. But I do think Sunday is right.

“A lot of people tell me the iView hits have gone up. A lot of people seem to watch the other dramas and then they’ll catch up.”


  1. Fans of H&A’s early years should tune into this Sunday’s TOOL for a Frank and (real) Roo reunion when Alex Papps makes an appearance…

  2. I absolutely love this show & watch it live every week. My fiancé is not a big fan of APTCH so TOOL is always favoured by him to watch live and we was APTCH during the week. I love Luce & the twins the most but Bernadette( Justine) & Caroline (Claudia) are brilliant, as always! Overall good quality drama that I hope gets another season. I am glad it’s on Sundays as Thursdays, regardless of the station never pulls big figures over one million (e.g. Past shows like Rake, Rush, Crownies, The Straits) so putting it up against 7 & 9 on a Sunday won’t make a difference for their viewer numbers. What I’m saying is Thursday would have pulled the same figures. Nice to see the ABC produce a drama series and air it on Sundays! Is Rake due for another season David? Not heard anything lately?

  3. @stevie g
    You need to see Justine in The Surgeons (TEN) ,from a few years back, and Tangle (FOXTEL).

    @Adam Oriti Art
    I think there maybe a hint of irony in the title.
    But I disagree that the show is miserable.
    The relationship between Justine and Shane’s characters seems very healthy. Even when they do have a tiff, they resolve it without a great deal of drama.
    And the way Stephen Curry is desperately trying to salvage his relationship with his alcoholic mother is beautiful.

  4. Adam Oriti Art

    I love this show but ‘The Time of Our Lives’ to me means fun and a good period of life. All this series has is fighting and bickering between all of its characters and pretty much nothing more. There are a few mismatched cast members as well. I adore Justine and Claudia and if it wasn’t for one or both of them I probably would not have watched.
    If it gets a 2nd series I hope it does become the time of their lives and not ‘The Misery of Our Lives’ it is now.

  5. I have been enjoying this. Some great performances all round. For me it was the first time I’d seen Justine in a drama since she played Roo in H&A. It was a shame that it was up against my other favorite drama A Place to call Home. So I would watch one and record the other. It was interesting seeing the 2 family dramas of 2 different time periods and seeing how much things have changed.
    I agree with Justine, Sunday was ok, if It was on Thursday it would have been up against something else I wanted to watch, so made no difference.

  6. Looking forward to this, hope it goes well for the ABC, they are having some great shows now hope the Australian public think the same and give it a chance.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, I usually tape it and watch it back later. I watch MasterChef so usually watch Elementary, now I will watch Ripper and tape the other channels.

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