The Wrong Girl continues TEN love affair

More romance on the cards for TEN with its second rom-com for 2016.


Romance is in at TEN for 2016. Following on from its success with The Bachelor franchise and Mary: The Making of a Princess, it will have a second romantic comedy for 2016, set to follow Offspring next October.

The Playmaker Media series will be written by Judi McCrossin (The Time of our Lives, The Secret Life of Us, The Surgeon, Love My Way), based on a book by Zoe Foster Blake.

Jessica Marais will star as Lily, a modern woman caught between two guys – one too good to be true and the other so wrong he just might be Mr. Right.

TEN’s release says “The Wrong Girl celebrates the hiccups that life throws at us: the workplace challenges, the good dates, the bad dates, needy parents, friendships and the “what the hell am I even doing here” moments to which we can all relate.”

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “The Wrong Girl is a sharp, heart-warming take on life in the big, big city. Escapist and fun, it is definitely designed for viewers to sit back and enjoy with friends and family.

“We are delighted to be working with the very talented Jessica, who is one of the best actors of her generation, and with the team from Playmaker Media. We look forward to The Wrong Girl being a prominent part of TEN’s content line-up next year.”

Executive Producer, Playmaker Media, David Maher, said: “The Wrong Girl is an urban Aussie rom-com brimful of exuberance, optimism and cheeky energy. Judi, Jess and Zoe are the perfect collaborators and Playmaker is delighted to be producing the series for TEN.”

Jessica Marais said: “I have enjoyed being involved in the development of TEN’s new drama The Wrong Girl and am thrilled to be part of the cast for this exciting project. I have for a long time admired Zoe Foster Blake’s engaging and entertaining books and I can’t wait to play the lively and relatable character that is Lily.”

Zoe Foster Blake said: “I am so delighted and flattered to have my novel made into a television series for TEN. I feel wildly lucky to have the combined superpowers of Playmaker, Judi McCrossin and Jess Marais working on The Wrong Girl.”

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  1. Much better to have something like this following The Bachelor/ette than what they’ve offered previously. Hanging on to the large 7.30 audience is the focus here and makes perfect sense.

    Zoe writes this genre really well and it should adapt nicely for TV.

  2. Absolutely nothing against Julie McCrossin or Jessica Marais – both wonderful talents in their own rights – but wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to try something a bit different for once? Such incredible, young talent in our country, yet we continue to use the same rotating cast of actors and producers over and over. And we wonder why we continue to get the same, stale formulaic television, over and over.

  3. This show soundds promising but than again so did Puberty Blues and that only lasted 1 or 2 seasons. Maybe this will have more success but doubt it, although this will get shifted to 11 if it does not do well.

  4. Jessica Marais? Again?
    I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, but casting her in every other drama does little to dispel the stereotype that the same handful of local actors appear in every Australian TV show and film.

  5. The cred of those involved makes this show sound good. But the title is awful. Please producers take note. It all starts with the title and I can’t see something called The “Wrong” Girl becoming an the all out success they want it to be. Think of a better name please.

  6. Nice to hear about a fictional rom com tv series coming to free to air. I wonder who the two leading men are and other cast? I’m getting the book from the library. I guess its just wait and see for the pilot to see if its any good.

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