The Bachelor heads to Victoria

Dating series will be back for an 11th season, handing out roses in the south thanks to a state govt incentive.

Melbourne is the new city of love with the swoon-worthy news that The Bachelor franchise is filming its next series in Victoria.

For the first time in the franchise’s history, roses will be handed out on Victorian soil thanks to a Victorian Screen Incentive.

Host Osher Günsberg said: “The secret with longevity in any relationship is to never take the other person for granted, and always be ready to re-invent the relationship as your needs change over time.

“The relationship between The Bachelor franchise and our audience is no different, and taking this love story to Melbourne builds on the world-first season we have just seen, allowing us to take Australia’s most romantic dating show to places it has never been before.”

Senior Vice President Content and Programming, Paramount Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Daniel Monaghan, said: “The Bachelor franchise has been filmed in some of Australia’s most idyllic locations, and this year we are thrilled to share the love with Victoria. We can’t wait for viewers to fall head over heels for The Bachelor franchise against a whole new backdrop.”

Caroline Swift, Head of Entertainment, Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia, said: “Filming The Bachelor franchise in Melbourne gives us the perfect backdrop for love to blossom; a beautiful, sophisticated city filled with incredible restaurants, secret sexy bars, art galleries, live music, the list goes on. This season will highlight all that this incredible city has to offer for the most romantic series yet.”

Victoria’s Minister for Creative Industries Steve Dimopoulos, said: “The Bachelor franchise is set to bring Victoria’s spectacular locations to the screen but behind the scenes there is also a great story to tell. The series will provide jobs for more than 100 Victorian crew members as well as placement opportunities for our next generation of screen industry workers. We look forward to adding The Bachelor franchise to the year-round pipeline of screen projects that call Victoria home.”

10 has not indicated if the next iteration is The Bachelor, The Bachelors, The Bachelorette or something new entirely….

Season 11 of The Bachelor franchise has been attracted to film in Victoria by the Victorian Government through VicScreen’s Victorian Screen Incentive and is produced by Warner Bros.

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  1. I like this idea actually, a show “tours” around Australia. It’s not the dumbest idea in the world.

    Reminds me Top Chef in America, each season focuses on a different state.

  2. “The series will provide jobs for more than 100 Victorian crew members”. That clap of thunder was Hector Crawford making his thoughts known.

  3. Cue those Melbourne Tourism commercials: Get set, everybody………..

    Clearly having three bachelors in one show and screening during summer non-ratings – only to predictably flop, wasn’t enough to rest this series. Yeah, nah – there still some life that can be squeezed out of it – just a long as there’s no massive cost outlay.

    1. Perhaps they should make it exclusive to streaming, where it might not matter quite as much how well it rates since it isn’t eating up precious airtime on Ten.

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