The Block climbs higher for Nine

Ratings: The Block hits a season high for Nine on Sunday and the Ashes closes the deal for Nine.

2013-07-15_1001Nine’s momentum continues to thwart its rivals with the combination of The Block and Ashes proving to be a Sunday night powerhouse.

The Block topped the night with 1.76m viewers, it’s highest this season, on the same weekend that thousands flocked to its open inspection weekend in Melbourne.

Thanks to the Ashes, GEM again beat TEN’s primary channel, ABC1 and all of SBS combined, with a huge 13.3% share. The night saw a convincing win for Nine.

Nine network share was 38.4% then Seven 27.4%, TEN 14.9%, ABC 13.6% and SBS 5.6%.

Following behind The Block  for Nine was Nine News (1.5m), 60 Minutes (1.4m), but The Mentalist dropped nearly 800,000 of its lead in to just 610,000 viewers and 453,000 for a second episode.

Seven News (1.47m) was best for Seven then A Place to Call Home (1.25m), Sunday Night (1.1m), The Force (1.03m), Border Security (830,000) and Castle (502,000 / 302,000) -a loss of nearly 750,000.

MasterChef clung to 773,000 for TEN followed by Elementary (647,000), Modern Family (574,000 / 515,000), TEN News (491,000), The Simpsons (410,000) and Graham Norton (386,000).

Grand Designs (890,000) led ABC1. ABC News was 803,000, The Time of our Lives was 638,000, Compass was 448,000, First Footprints was 369,000 and South Pacific was 229,000.

On SBS ONE it was A History of Celtic Britain (288,000), World News Australia (215,000), Tour de France (203,000). The Observer Effect was 80,000.

The Ashes stormed multichannels was a huge 679,000 / 558,000 for its two sessions.

Insiders: 204,000 / 98,000 / 32,000
The Bolt Report: 168,000 / 94,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 14 July 2013

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  1. I’ll admit I liked seeing the new ads (at least for me ) during Castle, not just The Blacklist, but also Mr. Selfridge so I won’t be surprised if the speculation about that show is correct as to where it might end up.

    I also liked seeing The Ashes too. I wonder if the ratings for Longmire or other GEM shows get more viewers. Although I probably won’t see if they do.

    Lastly thank you to SBS for A History of Celtic Britain.

  2. Surely the ABC must repeat First Footprints in a sensible time-slot. It is wasted where it is. Why not ditch the Grumpy Guide and show it after Wonders of Life on Thursday?

  3. With the massive aggregate across ch9 and GEM, ch9 should show the second Fri night NRL game live in GEM and why not show the Sunday game live at 3pm on GEM and delayed on ch9 at 4pm still?

  4. The cricket out rated The Mentalist.

    It’s ratings dropped of a couple of seasons ago to around 600k. This season started with some weak episodes and Nine did it no favours moving it around, starting it after 9pm and then showing repeats for a couple of months before the final episode.

    The final was good though. Set things up for next season, probably the final one, the end of the Red John story anyway.

  5. Really annoyed with Sunday Night, they heavily plugged an exclusive backstage interview with Beyonce and all we got was a 33 second plug for a competition they are running…. Talk about false advertising!!

  6. I wonder if Nine will look at the numbers for The Mentalist and do the usual by placing the blame on the show or actually realise it’s their own fault for dropping the series 2 episodes from the end of the season and trying to bring it back months later without any backlash? It wouldn’t be unreasonable to understand why viewers used alternative means to see it earlier than wait till Nine was good and ready.

  7. That 8.3% win for the week by Nine was its 6th of the year,and…get this…the biggest margin for any network this ratings year.It topped Seven’s 7.8% win announced here on March 4.That was when Mkr was running rampant.To give you an idea,Nine’s best previous margin was 1.7%(origin gave it a .4% win).So yeah,as David described it,this week was a game-changer,and who would have thought..brought about by some new blockbuster or hot new reality show?Nope..by one of the oldest competitions in all of sport,fought over a simple ugly urn,contents unknown,matter -of-factly placed onto that sleepy backwater of Gem.There’s gonna be a lot of tv folks scratching their heads trying to figure out what exactly happened this week.

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