The Block still on top as Nine wins Sunday

Ratings: Nine won the early evening timeslots on Sunday until Seven's period drama took over.

2013-07-08_0954The Block shows no sign of slowing down after topping Sunday night with 1.64m viewers. Nine again won its early evening timeslots until being overtaken by A Place to Call Home.

Nine network share was 30.5% then Seven 29.7%, TEN 19.8%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 5.5%.

Next for Nine were Nine News (1.5m), 60 Minutes (1.23m), the season finale of House Husbands (924,000), The Mentalist (612,000) and CSI: Miami (267,000).

An extended Sunday Night averaged 1.22m for Seven followed by Seven News (1.21m) and A Place to Call Home (1.13m). Endeavour was 354,000. Wimbledon had 306,000 on Seven. OzTAM indicates a figure of 955,000 for Border Security even though it was not listed in Guides.

It was a decent result for MasterChef last night of 853,000 for TEN. Elementary was 738,000 then Modern Family (558,000 / 489,000), TEN News (498,000), The Simpsons (431,000). Formula One race was 328,000 on TEN and 74,000 on ONE.

Grand Designs (993,000) was best for ABC1 then Dream Build (789,000), ABC News (763,000), The Time of our Lives (675,000), The Years that Made Us (365,000) and Compass (334,000).

A History of Celtic Britain (245,000) topped SBS ONE then World News Australia (197,000), Tour de France (195,000 pre-race / 157,000 race) and The Observer Effect (93,000).

Wimbledon: Men’s Final led multichannels at 292,000 on 7TWO.

Insiders: 178,000 / 84,000 / 42,000
The Bolt Report: 168,000 / 93,000

OzTAM Overnight: Sunday 7 July 2013

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  1. Pretty sad indication of the state of Ten when an audience of 855,000 for Masterchef is considered OK. This is Sunday prime time guys. And the ABC wouldn’t be too pleased that over 300,000 people left after Grand Designs and didn’t watch Time Of Our Lives. The problem with TOOL is that it is a show totally lacking in anything fresh or original and takes itself so seriously. In the ABC Sunday slot you can either have the comfy crime shows like Midsomer Murders or something really interesting and original. TOOL is neither and I suspect if it moved into mid week as Ronnie suggests it would shed even more viewers.

  2. There’s a twist coming in the Block. After exterior and rooftop week this week there’s still two weeks left.

    I’m not sure what they’re going to do, but I’m excited to find out. Masterchef is really good at the moment. The Mystery Box variant last night was great. Ten need to stop killing the Masterchef brand with terrible spin offs.

  3. Pleased to see Masterchef picking up in the ratings. Hopefully it continues. A Place To Call Home was brilliant last night. So many twists and turns. Viewers fell in love with House Husbands first season but the numbers have had a significant drop this season up against A Place. I actually thought HH would be more popular as A Place can be rather slow at times.

  4. @Ryan, I’m with you regarding Reef Doctors (I’m the other person watching it). It fills its brief perfectly I feel and that is family entertainment. We watch it as a family and it doesn’t insult either kids or adults intelligence. I think you know what you’re getting when you watch it and it works.

    A real shame for everyone involved. I seem to be a death nell for shows I like. The Straits and Crownies to name 2 I loved.

  5. I;ve been watching Reef doctors in it’s off encore times and it’s actually really good with some interesting storylines and Lisa does a pretty dam good job in it too. Worth checking out guys.

  6. So what will happen over the next 3 weeks in the Block if they rooms are all finished?? I know the last week would feature the public viewing and Auctions. But it seems like it will be padded out for the rest of July….

  7. Dismal figures for SBS.

    With Wimbledon not starting till nearly Midnight on Seven, what did SBS have to lose by covering a mountain stage of the TdF from 8:30pm and picking up people who don’t want to watch the soaps or flicking over during the ads?

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