Two-way tussle for Sunday

Ratings: Sunday was another two-way tussle between Nine and Seven, with each winning timeslots at various stages of the night.

2013-07-22_0931Sunday was another two-way tussle between Nine and Seven, with each winning timeslots at various stages of the night.

The Block and 60 Minutes topped the night giving them the advantage but Seven News had a win over Nine News.

Nine network was 34.5% then Seven 31.0%, TEN 15.4%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 4.6%.

Talk about retention…. The Block and 60 Minutes both pulled a seamless 1.55m. Other numbers were Nine News (1.4m), Bali: The Dark Side of Paradise (1.08m), The Mentalist (624,000) and CSI: Miami (274,000).

Seven News (1.47m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.36m), A Place to Call Home‘s finale (1.29m), Highway Patrol (1.14m), Border Security (1.01m), and Castle (546,000 / 311,000).

MasterChef (773,000) topped TEN’s night followed by the Elementary finale (690,000), Modern Family (533,000 / 408,000), TEN News (494,000), The Simpsons (437,000) and The Graham Norton Show (385,000).

Grand Designs was third in its timeslot for ABC1 on an excellent 1.01m followed by ABC News (846,000), Dream Build (798,000), The Time of our Lives (693,000), First Footprints (389,000) and Compass (380,000).

A History of Ancient Britain (258,000) topped SBS ONE followed by World News Australia (238,000), The Observer Effect and Grand Tours of Scotland (both 125,000) and Tour de France (highlights 112,000).

Mid Year Ashes (355,000) was tops on multichannels.

Insiders: 244,000 / 73,000 / 32,000
The Bolt Report: 142,000 / 127,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 21 July 2013

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  1. The Mentalist finale was on in Brisbane on Sunday night too. I wouldn’t worry, the way ch 9 repeat episodes continually, they will be bound to repeat it at some stage. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I assumed the 2nd ep of Criminal Minds was a repeat, as in the past it had been. But the one time I don’t bother to tape both eps, it was a new one.

  2. Thank you to SBS for A History of Ancient Britain and belatedly for Walking Through History with Tony Robinson on Saturday. The only thing I wonder about is that Channel 4 (in Britain ) writes the name of the show for after the ad breaks and SBS also does it. Isn’t it redundant?

  3. Was it viable for Seven to renew A Place to Call Home given it skews so old in the ratings. Most of its audience are aged over 50 and over. I thought advertising dollars only flowed to where younger viewers were? I enjoy the show and think it is great but to get younger people watching in season 2, they obviously need to sex/drug it up a little.

  4. @Kev Because Seven don’t seem to have an original idea & Sunday Night is made up of ex 60 Minutes staff as is the head of current affairs.

    MasterChef is doing OK but all talk of it’s demise is very premature as it is seen by millions all over Asia on pay tv & FTA tv.

  5. @Craig
    Perhaps they buried First Footprints at 9:30pm Sunday because the research and science is a bit dodgie.

    They confuse Ice Age, Glacial and Glacial Maximum repeatedly and only got it right once.

    They use the accepted accepted figure of 30,000 BP as the settlement of Tasmania, but just the fish in good tale, it keeps getting bigger and becomes 35,000 and then 40,000 later on.

    Their figure for settlement in the NT comes from a museum website which lists one paper from the 1980s as a reference. Dates back then were not very accurate and the dates from the paper were a range of between 40-70,000 years ago. What’s more Thorne and others in the 80s and 90s have been shown to have overstated ages by 20-80,000 years. They quote a single figure as accepted and accurate where as scientific accepted figure is somewhere between 40 and 50, 000 years ago.

    Their painting of a…

  6. @alvar

    I agree, but did you see the promo’s where APTCH is not returning till 2014, and that is probably only the scheduled start for 6 months of stop/start promo’s.

    So considering the ravaging by eels,craybobs and birds etc., also probably two periods of summer flooding etc. there will be nothing left of his body, that is if they don’t keep it rolling down in endless promo’s?

  7. @MM – So wrong. Last month – June 17 “Seven pips Nine at the post” was a feature. The “photo’s”(sic) was of Seven show (House Rules).
    May 27 “Seven wins…………” – photo of Seven’s A Place to Call Home. As is the above photo.
    If your network won more they’d get more photos.

  8. Why does Sunday Night seems to do crappier versions of SixtyMinutes stories a few weeks earlier as spoilers? That snoring story was one frame away from being on Today Tonight…

  9. The Observer Effect is great when they have a great guest on and Malcolm Turnbull did not dissapoint. I tell you, if he came to me in the middle of the night and wanted to runaway with him to Bali and sell beads, I’d totally do it. Just a thought.

  10. A Place to Call Home is a great example of how a show can benefit from a stable timeslot and one episode per week. The finale was brilliant and the death was a real shocker – both the victim and the person who (presumably) killed him were very unexpected!

  11. Tried again last night to watch Time Of Our Lives but who really cares about the inner city angst of this lot. Despite a fantastic lead in from Grand Designs 300,000 people turned off. Midsomer Murders in this slot consistently got 500,000 more viewers. Would love to see a really demanding Aussie mini-series or some telemovies in this slot, something a bit challenging and a bit different. But ABC just seems to have become middle of the road and dull…and don’t get me started on Dream Build, redefines dullness!

  12. Why is it when channel 9 win ratings photo’s are splashed everywhere, with other channels just getting a small write up underneath as an afterthought, yet when other channels come out on top very little is said about that, don’t all channels deserve the same treatment?.

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