Ashes scores for GEM

Ratings: Big numbers for The Ashes boosts Nine's network share on Thursday, but viewers overlooked the tough story of Better Man.

2013-08-02_0921The third Ashes series scored big numbers for GEM again last night with 631,000 viewers for the first session and 356,000 for the second session.

That saw Nine’s share for the night speed past the competition and back into contention for winning the week.

Nine network was 37.4% then Seven 21.4%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 17.4% and SBS 5.7%.

Nine News topped the night for Nine with 1.26m viewers then A Current Affair (1.1m), Big Brother slipped under the magic million for the first time at 984,000, Hot Seat (732,000) and The Footy Show (710,000).

Seven News (1.14m) was Seven’s only show to crack one million viewers. Next was Today Tonight (907,000), Home and Away (803,000), Please Marry My Boy (585,000), Deal or No Deal (506,000) and Formal Wars (477,000).

ABC News (901,000) was best for ABC1 then 7:30 (759,000), Ten Bucks a Litre (708,000), Catalyst (654,000), The Grumpy Guide to Food (397,000) and Restoration Man (327,000).

TEN had a tough night with TEN News (654,000), MasterChef Australia (591,000), The Project (533,000), Law and Order: SVU (531,000 / 483,000). The Simpsons was 345,000.

Sadly the excellent Better Man drama was overlooked with just 233,000 averaged across its two hours. Also on SBS ONE was Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong (212,000), World News Australia (191,000) and Food Factory: Supersized (179,000).

Nine News Now: 121,000
The Daily Edition: 103,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 1 August 2013

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  1. along with everyone else in here, I wish that Better Man’s ratings were better. What it got is a disappointment (just a reminder though – a repeat screening is on Sunday night at 9.30pm for those who missed it. On sbs1).

    I think that Seven should get rid of some of their dodgy reality shows, like Formal Wars and Marry my Boy (and celebrity splash from early this year). Glad these shows are flopping.

    im happy to see the ratings for Nine News Now and The Daily Edition listed. Its been a while since we have seen daytime ratings here. Is it possible to rotate ratings each week? Like comparing the morning shows, the morning/midday news, 3pm news, 4:30 news etc?

  2. @roaringdave- you are so right. If Better Man was on 9 it would of done better. I would of watched it but the problem is that this is the first I have heard of it. With all the multi-channels now, it is so hard to get a new show up on a lower rating network.

  3. Hopefully these figures for the Ashes on GEM should convince TEN’s Hamish McLennan to reboot ONE as Sports channel maybe not 24 hours like last time but more sport and less old crap stuff like cops and Get Smart. As i have said before a Sports channel is a good move and was a good move but the Catalogue of sports TEN had at the time were not good enough. Considering Hamish wants TEN to increase its Sports catelogue then ONE becoming more of a sports channel again is the way to go.

  4. I tip if Better Man was on Nine it would have got over a million. It would have been promoted endlessly. Many people just don’t watch SBS therefore wouldn’t even know what was on.

  5. Better Man was superb last night,especially the last 30 minutes. I cannot believe no one watched.
    Great to see dross like Please Marry My Boy & Formal Wars failing to get viewers. Seven really has been resting on past laurels when every show seemed to magically rate.
    Big Brother seems to have cast really badly this year. No one on the show catches my interest so I am back watching Home and away followed by MasterChef.
    Do you think ABC could show an encore of Better Man. Maybe it will get a better audience. It really deserves to be seen.

  6. BB should have blitzed it last night with no X Factor competition, but it slipped…a very bad sign.

    If the Hamish and Andy lead in doesn’t provide a spike for them next Monday, it’s going to be a very long and depressing series for anyone working on it – we might even see GEM out rate Nine if it’s a close test.

  7. Please Marry My Boy and Formal Wars certainly failed. If Seven bump these off to late night like they did with the Mole, I wonder what they can fill the gap with? Probably Vicar of Dibley repeats.

  8. Just thought I’d correct you David. It was actually the third Ashes test that started last night and given Australia’s strong start to the match I’d expect it to do even better tonight.

  9. 233,000 wow..I never expected Better Man to do much rating-wise,but that’s a shocker.Congrats Australia,you’ve even exceeded my low expectations of you. And sent a message loud and clear to tv execs and networks throughout this country…those who might want try to do something of excellence and with a message…why bother?

  10. David, is those figures am indication of how the afternoon’ Nine News Now and Daily Edition have been travelling?

    On another note, better man should have done better. Brilliant show, family controversy aside.

  11. If there has been a more intense half hour of TV than that last 30 mins of Better Man I am yet to see it. I just flowed tears, even for about 15 mins after it finished.
    Like ‘Go Back……’ the type of show that was ignored by the audience that should have watched it

  12. Sadly missed the last half hour of Better Man, but I thought last week was the stronger episode. There was less momentum in the plot which focussed more on legal proceedings, but lots of emotion.

    Good to see trash like Marry My Boy and Formal Wars flopping. SVU repeats hold up well for Ten – lack of competition perhaps?

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