Bones update as Seven combats heated competition

david-and-emily-bonesWith Sunday September 8 now heating up as a big night of TV, Seven has made some adjustments to its schedule.

The X Factor will run Live from 6:30pm – 8:45pm.

Bones is now out, replaced by an episode of Sunday Night (presumably it has a big story up its sleeve).

A double episode of Castle will air at 9:45pm.

The evening already includes Australia’s Got Talent, Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, The Bachelor and the season final episode for The Time of our Lives.


  1. The Sunday Night could just be an election wrap-up.

    Was wondering if it was going to affect the final episode of Fairly Legal, but they are wrapping up the show with a double episode tomorrow night.

  2. Channel 7 can’t even finish season 8 of Bones, I wouldn’t be holding out much hope for them to start season 9? For the record that is the third time they have started it and then pulled it!

    Hopeless channel 7!

  3. Networks claim they are really serious about news and current affairs yet Sunday Night is a prime example of networks being more interested about ratings over news. A dedicated current affairs show wouldnt have so many timeslot changes and weeks off air to make way for reality programs. Are we really supposed to take them seriously?

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