Dami Im gives X Factor knockout win on Sunday

2013-08-26_1001Sunday night’s talent show battle delivered a decisive winner last night: The X Factor Live pulled an impressive 1.52m viewers up from 1.49m, slapping Australia’s Got Talent back to 1.18m viewers (down from 1.3m).

The numbers showed Nine lost 120,000 while Seven gained 30,000.

Last week Nine’s David Hurley said AGT‘s strong showing was “karma” for earlier comments that the network was right to axe the show. Today Seven spokesperson Simon Francis told TV Tonight, “We’ll be polite in our silence. The scoreboard tells the story.”

In reality what’s right for one network isn’t always right for another. Seven made a decision it no longer had room for AGT and introduced House Rules while Nine made an equally strategic decision a second talent show would help its annual slate. Nine has actually uncovered some good talent on AGT, but whether they can cut through remains to be seen. Last night on The X Factor it was all about Dami Im whose knockout performance of a U2 song was the easy standout of the night.

Seven network was 34.8% then Nine 30.5%, TEN 15.9%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 3.8%.

Following X Factor for Seven was Seven News (1.34m), Bones (1.14m) and Castle (809,000 / 510,000).

Best for Nine was Nine News (1.34m) then 60 Minutes (1.29m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.18m), Underbelly: Squizzy (782,000) and The Mentalist (378,000).

MasterChef Australia (716,000) provided TEN’s only prospect last night with everything else under 500,000. TEN News was 473,000, Ripper Street was 472,000, Modern Family was 469,000 / 424,000, The Simpsons was 388,000 and FIA Formula One was 243,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (863,000) was best for ABC1 then Grand Designs Revisited (804,000), Dream Build (755,000), The Time of Our Lives (690,000), Compass (528,000). The Iraq War was just 216,000.

World’s Oldest Child (267,000) topped SBS ONE followed by World News Australia (205,000), but from there it was dire with The Observer Effect (88,000), and the movie Tyson (64,000).

The Big Bang Theory was best on multichannels at 305,000.

Insiders: 194,000  / 105,000 / 51,000
The Bolt Report: 178,000 / 85,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 25 August 2013


  1. X Factor is very multi-cultural this year, we have contestants who are African, Swedish, Asian, Indigenous Australians, and Europeans. Such a fantastic line-up.

  2. XF ran at least 20 minutes overtime last night and AGT was at least 15 minutes over, so I would expect downward adjustments for Bones, Castle and Squizzy. I gave up on waiting for Bones when the XF was still going at 8.50.

  3. I don’t think they need to bother with the next 11 episodes of X-Factor, I think we already know the winner. Congrats in advance to Danni Minogue and Dami.

  4. Cat Vass was boring and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in the bottom 2 with Omar Dean.

    Jai was okay but don’t expect the overpromotion to translate to a win…Bella Ferraro and The Collective were shoved down our throats in all the ads last year yet Samantha Jade won

    My favourites are Jordan Tiolli and Third Degree. Overall a better top 12 than last year I reckon

  5. X Factor was full of energy last night, no wonder it owned the night. I to was not over impressed with Jai no doubt he has an amazing voice but just felt it was underwhelming, in saying that he ain’t gonna go anywhere anytime soon. My standouts were Dami (Duh!), Third D3gree, Joelle and Cat Vas surprised me. Nat has done a great job with the groups this year. I’m predicting the Bottom 2 to be Ellie & Barry, but maybe Adira-Belle might sneak in there instead.

  6. I agree with Pete and Beckala. Jai, the 14 year old destroyed that Coldplay song. Dami was a total standout. I think the other standout was Taylor who was trending high on Twitter. Cat Vas was also good.

  7. Given Nine are heading towards listing on the ASX, and it’s mid-winter, peak viewing time, why is their content so lacklustre? Another series of Underbelly – (the audience knows Nine is milking the brand), and reality/entertainment franchises discarded by other networks for good reasons – it’s not very exciting is it? Seven and Ten are having a few hits and misses but at least they’re trying to reach out to their audiences with some energy and dare I say, some respect.

  8. Pete I’m so with you there. He absolutely destroyed ‘Fix You’. I did not understand the fuss at all. But I’d put money on him winning – according to the advertisements and appearances on other Ch 7 shows, he’s the only one really getting any attention. Will be hard to cut through that – but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  9. Dami was definitely a surprise last night. Looked fearless playing the piano high up.

    My parents even wanted to vote! First time I’ve ever heard them say that.

  10. Simon Francis told TV Tonight, “We’ll be polite in our silence. The scoreboard tells the story.”

    That is a humble spokesman. t he figures tell the story.

    Dami was just awesome and i never saw that type of performance coming from her

  11. I start watching the talent shows from the Top 12 onwards as I am not fussed on the drawn out stories attached to the singers.

    For me, there were only four acts out of the 12 worthy of lasting till the end ( the fourteen year old is not one of them) unless some of them improve a heap.

    I don’t think the judges have done a great job of selecting the best talent this year, although maybe they had the best background stories for the ratings. Talent vs ratings – ratings will always win out.

  12. Yes David, Dami was most definitely the stand out performance of the night. Absolutely brilliant !! I had shivers running through me. I was just so proud of her, and judging by the X Factor page, so were thousands of others. I can’t wait to see more from her 🙂

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