Muscle-bound Marc Fennell goes shirtless for “Sextember” on SBS

Movie-critic-turned-muscle-man Marc Fennell is a reinvented man, turning it on for Sextember week on SBS 2.

marcfennellSBS 2 News show The Feed is planning a sex-themed “Sextember” week next month and host Marc Fennell sure is getting into the spirit of it.

SBS has supplied a photo of the movie-critic-turned-muscle-man after he recently ripped his shirt off on the show -a trend that is yet to take off amongst rival news presenters! But when you’ve been putting in as much work to reinvent yourself as he has, who can blame him?

SBS has long been known as “Sex Before Soccer” and with hosts like this it’s not hard to see why!

Fetishes, escorts, the latest sex tech, Australia’s best known porn star and Pricasso; it’s ‘Sextember’ and The Feed is set to shock, arouse, and enlighten audiences with a whole week of sexpert reports on SBS 2.

Sex and tech: Whether hooking up, settling down or jerking off, host Marc Fennell investigates all the latest sex apps and discovers there’s one for just about everything. From Grindr to straight and lesbian alternatives, and the app that will trawl through an individual’s Facebook friends to find photos of them wearing next to nothing, Marc uncovers there is even an app to help people find someone for the specific purpose of having a baby. He also looks at how Snapchat is changing the shape of sexting.

Pricasso: Pricasso is a man who one day decided to paint portraits using his penis. Presenter Andy Park catches up with this dedicated and skilled artist who tours sexpos and festivals with his unique paintbrush. However, this artist’s tools do require a little more care than your standard art supplies:

“I use non-toxic paint but some days it’s like someone shoved a bunch of stinging nettles on your ball sack,” Pricasso told The Feed.

Australia’s best known Porn Star: Andy Park sits down with Angela White to talk about her life as an adult actor and the booming industry of “cam girls”, where ordinary punters can video chat with porn stars. Angela describes this lucrative emerging profession as “tits out therapy”.

Three’s not a crowd: Leesa is married to Brian. John is Leesa’s boyfriend. Leesa, Brian and John share a house together in the suburban outskirts of Brisbane in a surprisingly harmonious house. The Feed spends a day with this polyamorous trio and find out just how they make their relationship work.

Thumbing on strong: The Feed talks thumb sex with Rafe Eric Biggs. Rafe became paralysed from the neck down in 2004 when he fell from a rooftop in India. Using tantric breathing and massage practices, and help from a sex surrogate, Rafe has been able to transfer the sensation that was once in his penis to his thumb.

“Sexual energy and orgasm isn’t just limited to the genitals but it can exist in other parts of the body as well, so that’s what led me on to this discovery,” says Rafe.

A lot of sole and a big tongue – meet the sneaker freaks: Fetishes come in many forms, even a size 9 Nike sneaker. The Feed speaks with sneaker fetishists who are part of an underground group who get off on smelling, licking, swapping and generally playing with sneakers.

Confessions of a pimp: “Sex, Pussy, Sex, Pussy, Sex Pussy…” That’s how Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward describes what he does for a living. He’s a New Zealand born Aussie ex-pat now living in Pattaya – Thailand’s epicentre of sex tourism. ‘Sharky’ went there on a holiday to get cheap steroids and budget shags. He loved the ladies so much that he never left.

With more than 40,000 twitter followers, he’s a popular guy but seldom gives interviews. For a rare insight into his life, he took The Feed’s Pat Abboud out for a bit of sleaze in the dirtiest part of town.

The girlfriend experience: The sex industry has always been cloaked in secrecy, hidden in alleys and kept in the dark. Things are changing and in Australia, the world’s oldest profession is now embracing the Internet’s newest applications. Escorts are now happy to show their faces, relying on social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr to meet clients.

26 year old Gloria Van Vaulker is a girlfriend experience escort and talked to The Feed about her work, finding her identity, and how to stop a client falling in love.

Sextember week starts Monday September 9, 7.30pm on SBS 2.

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