Renewed: River Cottage Australia -for 2 seasons.

TLC_RCAFoxtel has commissioned not one but two seasons of  River Cottage Australia, which concluded its debut season on LifeStyle Channel last night.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall returned to Tilba, NSW, last night to see what local host former Tasmanian chef, Paul West (pictured) had been able to achieve living off local sustenance.

What he has been able to achieve is getting the series to rank  as the number one non-sports program across the STV platform while it was airing, and delivering the second largest consolidated audience for The LifeStyle Channel in 2013.

General Manager of The LifeStyle Channels and Foxtel’s Head of Production, Duane Hatherly, said: “River Cottage Australia has been more than just a programme for so many of us involved in its development and production to date. From finding incredible talent in Paul West to turning the land and settling in at the property at Tilba – the stars have truly aligned.

“I believe that we have created something very special and it is deeply gratifying to know that it resonated strongly with Australians too.”

“I am absolutely thrilled that we are able to move forward with the commission of a further two series of River Cottage Australia. It’s a great day for back-to-basics living and the community spirit!”

Paul West, aded “After going on an incredible journey filming the first season, I am humbled to be able to continue my role for a second and third season. I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of the farm’s potential and met only a fraction of the passionate people whole share a similar path.

“I can’t wait to share the adventure, emotion and most importantly, the food, all over again.”

The series will be produced by KEO Australia with production to start later this year in Central Tilba on the NSW Sapphire coast.


  1. KEO have announced they are setting up in Australia off the back of this commission. ITV have been in search of a CEO since LL quit so I can understand why these dots are being joined. What is going on at ITV if David Mott is out of the running? Losing River Cottage will hurt.

  2. thedirtydigger

    Ok this sounds wayyy out but please stick with me here. What if leonie lowe ex itv was the founding boss of keo australia and she actially got the nod to produce two seasons of River cottage??? Makes sense and what a wonderful start to your new ptoduction company?! Other places would kill for this sort of certainty. Not one season but two! Does Foxtel play favourites???

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