Robert Mammone set to revive Fat Tony

UB5-23-09©Cameras are about to roll on the story of Tony Mokbel for the Nine Network.

Having first tipped a rumour on the upcoming project last November, TV Tonight now understands Robert Mammone is likely to revive his original Underbelly role as the drug king who was famously arrested in Greece wearing a dodgy wig.

The courtcase involving ‘Fat Tony’ led to the original Underbelly being banned in the State of Victoria, but he was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in July 2012.

However the Mokbel series won’t be part of the Underbelly brand due to funding rules at Screen Australia no longer funding second seasons of TV series.

Meanwhile the other question will be: which of the original Underbelly cast members will revive their roles  -and who will play Fat Tony’s wig?


  1. This sounds good.. pity it won’t be an ‘Underbelly’ series as this sounds like a truer storyline to the original than some of the series we’ve seen since.

    Surely Madeleine West would have to come back and reprise her role too. Wasn’t Danielle the girlfriend who ran off to Greece with him?

  2. I hope some of the originals from the first series of Underbelly come. Would like to have Madeleine West play Danielle McGuire again, in the first series we didn’t really see much of her and I wouldn’t mind seeing what her and see how she got involved with Tony himself

  3. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, he just left Home & Away and went to Broken Hill, so that explains why. Look forward to it, the first Underbelly was one of the best of them. Hope some of the originals come back.

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