SBS acquires new comedies from Scandinavia

2013-08-30_1211SBS has acquired two non-English language comedies for SBS ONE, Hellfjord from Norway and Klown from Denmark.

SBS says it is constantly looking for comedy that is “intelligent, irreverent and a little leftfield” to distinguish it from more conventional comedies already available elsewhere.

According to a Press Release Norwegian series Hellfjord (pictured) follows “Salmander, a disgraced police officer banished to the mysterious island of Hellfjord in Norway’s far north after he accidentally kills his police horse in front of thousands of children. Hellfjord is inhabited by a decidedly strange community of residents intent on keeping themselves to themselves, but when Salmander begins to scratch the surface, he discovers a secret that will turn Hellfjord upside down.”

Danish series Klown is described as “an awkward, irreverent, mockumentary style series, and follows two friends (played by popular stand-up comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen) as exaggerated versions of their celebrity selves, in various daily misadventures and debauched scenarios. Cannibalism, cancer and issues of race are just a few taboos addressed in the series that has attracted a cult following in Scandinavia and spawned an award-winning feature film in 2010 of the same name.”

“Television comedy is a difficult genre to travel internationally,” said SBS Director of TV and Online Content Tony Iffland, “but these two series are edgy and smart, and we know they will sit well with our audience.

“SBS has brought Australians the best in foreign language film and drama and we now want to offer the best TV comedies from around the world, whether it is in English or not.”


  1. Hellfjord seems to have a little in common with Lilyhammer. If it’s just half as funny (and dark for that matter) as that it’ll be a winner in my household.

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