Scandal replay

2012-10-09_0952Seven is set to replay US drama Scandal in the midday movie timeslot.

The political drama comes from Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) and stars Kerry Washington.

Olivia Pope is the former communications director to the President and she and her team will do whatever it takes to make their clients’ problems go away. Young lawyer Quinn Perkins is offered a job with Olivia Pope’s firm and Quinn is in awe. Olivia’s former boss, President Fitzgerald Grant, and his chief of staff, Cyrus Beene, are never far from her beat – and when a White House intern accuses the President of having an affair, Olivia is the only one they trust to diffuse the problem. But the news hits close to home for Olivia, and Quinn soon realises Olivia’s clients aren’t the only ones with secrets.

From Friday, August 30 two episodes will air on Fridays at 12pm.


  1. Looks like Seven are trying to relaunch this series within the next few weeks. Its a great show but I doubt it will rate well here because its extremely serialised and fast paced. It would need a lot of promotion and a good timeslot, unless it will just be a late night burnoff.

  2. I don’t see why shows like Suits and Scandal can’t be played out on Mate at a more sensible time. I have seen the remaining episodes of Suits and would love to see season 3 soon. I am bored by all the repeats on multi channels and lack of drama on Mate. At least One and Gem have improved with first run drama. Will set the PVR for Scandal.

  3. Sad that we have to resort to other means when quality programmes such as this are ignored.
    The second season was nothing short of sensational and for my part rates as one of the best acted twisting and turning dramas ever to grace the screen.

  4. 7 really screwed this one up. they give massive promotions to axed shows like GCB, and Last Resort, which is fine but shows like Scandal that are rating well in america and could be a long term hit barely get a promotion, thrown into schedule then they quickly gave up on it, pushing it to late night.

  5. carolemorrissey

    That’s great, it’s been so long since it was on I’ve forgotten most of it. Hopefully they will be showing season 2 when it finishes.

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