1. Out of interest, David, what were the numbers for Seven News at 7 for Perth? Given they’re going to the effort of doing a separate bulletin?

  2. Can someone explain to me why channel 10 would move under the dome (even if it is a one off?) when it is clearly making them strong on a Tuesday? Cannot understand the idiocy!!!

  3. Still good to see W&L maintain its 1 million plus viewers with its current X factor lead in. Plus H&A up to a million is a rare event for them.
    Seem like Cakes and Jesus is not appealing to viewers on 9.
    Also it seems Dome has lost people and will upset more when they schedule the Riches show in its slot.
    Even though I don’;t watch it, good to see the Project improve. it seems like consistency is the key, yet networks do not always seem to agree.

  4. daveinprogress

    Yep, Jezza, thanks for the mention of Insight. I found it provocative but compelling and moving. We still have a long way to go it seems….Insight it such a great show. Thanks to David for always providing pointers to its content.

  5. I caught a few minutes of Seven News at 7 last night. It seemed to be mostly international news and supplementary stories that wouldn’t normally appear in the 6pm bulletin.

    Wonder if Ten can keep this momentum up after Masterchef ends?

  6. jezza the first original one

    I watched Insight’s debate with my daughter (20s & straight, for the record) to gain a better understanding. It was good to see hear differing views without the usual name calling. I think it was more of a discussion than a debate, the young Asian couple expressed themselves well and showed great humanity. In a multicultural society, it highlighted just how hard it is for folk to be accepted for what they are especially away from their traditional cultures. The Sheik was quite adamant that this is not acceptable under Islam for men, but didn’t have an answer for women. The Catholic priest struggled to make a coherent argument and one of the Rabbis was sympathetic. It was an interesting show and well worth catching up on for anyone who wishes to gain a little more knowledge on this issue.

  7. If the Project could lift its Sydney numbers then it really would be doing great business for 10. I wonder why Sydney siders don’t seem to enjoy it?

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