The Wombles hopes to be revived

UK 1970s hit may be revived with a movie, TV series and even an 'interactive experience.'

2013-08-12_1033If they can bring back The Wombles, let me ask if it’s also time to revive The Banana Splits? Both were children’s shows, in case you were wondering….

UK composer and Wombles creator Mike Batt has revealed big plans for a new movie, new TV series and even a Womble World interactive experience.

The Wombles were a furry 1970s UK TV hit, who went on to film and chart success.

The Guardian reports Batt recently gained a controlling interest in Wombling Copyright Holdings, the company that owns the creatures and is now angling for a major relaunch. Batt previously enjoyed a 50-50 share of the company with the estate of the author Elizabeth Beresford, who wrote the original Wombles story back in 1968.

“We have plans for two new 26-part TV series, a feature-length movie and an interactive Womble World experience,” he announced.

“We think there are audiences of new children and international audiences who missed the Wombles the first time around and will be thrilled to see the brilliant high-quality animations and new musical productions we shall be mounting.”

Batt cut his teeth writing songs for the Wombles‘ BBC TV show in the mid-1970s. The Wombles went on to enjoy a string of UK chart hits, including Remember You’re a Womble, and featured in the 1977 movie Wombling Free, which co-starred Frances de la Tour and Bonnie Langford.

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  1. 1 banana, 2 banana 3 banana 4……. or Underground overground wombling free, the wobbles of Wimbeldon Common are we!

    Both songs become stuck in your head, i watched Banana Splits recently and someone was using some serious drugs!lol

  2. “Both were UK children’s shows, in case you were wondering….”

    The Banana Splits were American, not UK. Created by Hanna-Barbera and Sid & Marty Krofft.

    I dunno, you call yourself a TV man…

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