Tina Arena set for Dancing with the Stars

2013-08-25_0002Media are reporting on the new cast for the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Amongst the names being touted are:

Tina Arena,
Tony Barber,
Brendan “Jonesey” Jones,
Jesinta Campbell,
Libby Trickett,
Sally Obermeder,
Jordan and Zac Stenmark,
Rhiannon Fish.

Daniel Macpherson has confirmed his return as host.


Kelly Osbourne is rumoured to become his co-host.

Adam Garcia and, as previously reported, Kym Johnson are tipped to join the judging panel.

Source: News, Fairfax.


  1. @Gaz I never said Tina’s career needed resurrecting. Please read my comment again. I asked why she would appear. I know how successful she is in France & it just seemed a strange move but David has cleared it up.

  2. @Maxxdude, Tina Arena’s career does not need resurrecting. She tours quite regularly to packed venues, is very popular in Europe, and has a CD of new/original songs coming out later this year.

  3. Why can’t we have someone who lives here to co-host with Daniel? Its only DWTS its not like we are looking for Australia’s Next Ballroom Dancer.

  4. Todd was originally the “baddie” and it was damn entertaining, but of late he has tried to be too nice and this may be to his detriment if there is a judging shakeup. Helen Richie I would love to see stay on, but they will probably want to skew young – a shame if they do. That new male judge (can’t even remember his name) will probably come back, although he was a little all over the shop last time. Kym Johnson should be great. So here’s hoping there are four judges. The US version is so much better with animated, entertaining judges. Please, let ours be as good.

  5. thatsnicmeyers

    I am usually the one explaining to others who all these “celebrities’ are on DWTS but even I don’t recognise Brendan “Jonesey” Jones, Sally Obermeder, Jordan and Zac Stenmark or Rhiannon Fish. In the US, they are made fun of for having people that aren’t very well known on their version, but this is ridiculous.

    If you have to Google someone to figure out why they are famous, they are obviously not that famous.

  6. @Catherine Larry has been asked to do it several times! He doesn’t want to do it at all! Kylie is bugging him to do it but he doesn’t want to! Larry Emdur, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Melissa Doyle are said to be the names who have declined more than any other celebs to do the show!

  7. I wish Kylie Gillies got the job as co host. She would be great.

    Tony Barber I cannot wait to see. He will be hilarious.

    Ive been saying for ages they should get Libby Trickett or Leisel Jones on. I think dwts would suit them.

    Sorry never heard of the stenmark twins but it cant be a bad thing having models on the show.

    Tine Arena said that she admired the discipline of dance but never trained and being on the show means she gets to see her family more. Im tipping she would have never have done the tango or paso doble on YTT.

    But can we please have larry emdure on it. For years he has wanted to do it just let him have a go. They did with Kylie. He would be very funny.

  8. daveinprogress

    About 75% for me, that are familiar. I didn’t think this was going to happen this year! 4 judges coming? Will they fire Helen? Gotta keep Todd. But i guess if they are going in a diff direction, it could be a clean slate. But the show needs a Todd.

  9. The only problem I have with this is Kelly Osbourne. Why the hell would Seven hire her???? Are there no local women who could be hired for this? For the people who are wondering who Brendan Jones is, he is Amanda Keller’s partner on the breakfast show she does on Sydney radio

  10. Tina Arena has a book coming out soon, so I guess DWTS will be a good publicity tool.
    I would have thought Tony Barber would be too long in the tooth to be doing this. I certainly can’t see him doing any big, fancy lifts.
    I generally find sports people really dull on this show (unless it’s a boofhead footy player – they’re generally either hilarious to watch, or at least reasonable eye candy).

    Kelly Osbourne won her season of U.S. DWTS, didn’t she? She’ll be way better than Mel B was, but I would still much rather KAK or Kylie Gillies as co-host. I believe KAK has a new gig with Foxtel, so perhaps that might restrict her from being considered for the job?

  11. Who are Brendan “Jonesey” Jones, Libby Trickett, Jordan and Zac Stenmark, and Rhiannon Fish. Never heard of them!!
    Tina should already now how to dance, she has been forming since she was a child and judged other people dancing on YTT.

  12. The cast is very ordinary but there are 1 or 2 slots left so fingers crossed for big names! Jesinta will most likely fall victim to the Hot Girl getting the boot early curse! Sally would be my tip to win!

  13. That line-up sounds pretty awful to be honest, so hopefully a lot of those names are just false rumours. None of those “stars” are winning me over whatsoever, especially the Stenmark twins – what a waste of 2 spots.

    I don’t know why Seven is messing with the judges panel when it should be focusing on getting better names to actually sign on.

    Kym Johnson and Adam Garcia will be like watching paint dry compared with the hilarity and bickering that Todd, Josh and Helen brought to the show. Leave the judging panel as is!

    And why would you waste the money on having Kelly Osbourne as co-host? KAK would have been perfect!

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