Airdate: ReDesign my Brain with Todd Sampson

2013-09-25_0044Gruen Planet‘s Todd Sampson undergoes a radical brain makeover in a three-part documentary series on the revolutionary new science of brain plasticity.

The cutting edge science has found that anyone can become smarter, improve their memory and reverse mental ageing with the right brain training. It can turn an ordinary brain into a super brain in just three months. At the end of this training, Sampson must draw on his new skills to survive a Houdini style, death defying feat.

Episode One –
In episode one, Sampson is mentored to radically improve his cognition by turbo charging his thinking speed, attention and memory. Working in a special “gym for the brain”, he must complete computer-based brain exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. He learns to juggle and the secrets of how magicians use science to exploit gaps in our attention. An Australian memory champion teaches Todd the tools that help him prepare to represent Australia at the World Memory Championship in London.

ReDesign my Brain with Todd Sampson Thursday, 10 October at 8.30pm on ABC1


  1. Actually Pertinax, you have been ill-informed. The brain is indeed plastic and is capable of improvement at any age.

    This is nothing to do with IQ tests or rote learning. It’s to do with creating new neural pathways and increasing the brain’s processing speed and cognitive powers. Completely assessable and measurable.

    You’re spouting 20th century wisdom. Check out all the new research & get with the programme…

  2. Actually science has found no such thing.

    You can get better on IQ tests through practice and coaching, but that doesn’t make you smarter just better at not making mistakes in the test.

    You can use memory association techniques to memorise long lists.

    You can’t reverse mental aging or prevent dementia through mental exercises. Being mentally active and having more neuron connections does delay the onset of symptoms, but only because you don’t notice the deficits early on, the progress of the disease is unaffected.

    Physical exercise and weight loss to reduce blood sugar and lipids to improve vascular health does prevent cognitive decline and dementia in non genetic cases though.

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