King of the Nerds for TEN

2013-09-19_0040Move over geeks… TEN has picked up the rights to unscripted competition series King of the Nerds which puts ‘fanboys’ & physicists of both genders to the test.

The format invites competitors spanning “the full nerd spectrum” to come together to face challenges that test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop-culture prowess. The nerds first compete as teams before moving on to individual challenges, all with the goal of being named the quintessential master of all things nerdy.

The US series, which began in January, is hosted by two stars of Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong and being executive-produced by former NCS exec Ben Silverman (The Biggest Loser, The Office) and Jimmy Fox (Mob Wives) of Electus, Rick Ringbakk (The Amazing Race), Tod Mesirow (Mythbusters) and Craig Armstrong (Survivor) of 5X5 Media, as well as Carradine and Armstrong.

It’s not clear if TEN will produce a local version, screen the US original, or both.

Source: C21, Electus


  1. The target audience is the same sort of people who’d watch The Big Bang Theory, right? That’s a pretty big number to assume everyone (1) is aware of this show and (2) downloaded it.

    The thing is, they could have gotten a format that suits the ‘people who like smart things’ audience and their older demographic if they’d bought the rights to make a local version of Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All instead.

  2. Add this to this week live, league of their own, the bachelor, reef doctors, bingle, shire, i will survive, yasmine and all the other bad quality programs that that ten is likely to can at the end of the year … the shareholders must be proud of their investment ….

  3. As Dr_Rudi says – the target market will download the US version (which could have some potential due to the experienced executive producers) before it even airs on Ten in Australia and if they try to make an Australian version you would get unbackable odds on it being a total misfire….

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